Kabbalah & It’s Role in Personal & Planetary Transformation.

Kabbalah has been a banned topic, or at least hidden, for many centuries.  Only in the last few years has this restriction been raised.  Traditionally, both within the Mystery School tradition as well as the Jewish tradition, Kabbalah has been closed to but a few select and serious students.  This is no longer true.

In fact, Kabbalah has become the in thing to study – hip, cool, relevant.  And the list of well-know people studying Kabbalah reads like a who’s who of celebrities.  But Kabbalah is much more that a pop fad.

If you run a search for Kabbalah on Amazon.com, you will find over 5,000 books, almost all of which have been written since 1980.  If you look closer, the vast majority have been written after 2000.  Only a very few were written before 1900!  As a result, in the past few years, Kabbalah has become a household word!  But what does this mean?

The Book of Zohar, the pinnacle of Jewish treatises on Kabbalah, states that Kabbalah will boom and prosper in the end of days.  It would appear then, that we are nearing the end of days.  The Mystery School defines the end of days as an end to time as we know it, rather than an end to time.  The implication is that there is a big shift in the works for those of us on the planet today.

Key Reasons for the Popularity of Kabbalah Today

I believe that one of the key reasons for the popularity of Kabbalah is that today (in the 21st Century), we have become ready to see and receive Kabbalah for what it really is – a time tested and proven, scientific, practical method of achieving spirituality while living in the world.  Kabbalah will assist you to enhance your perspective about the world and people around you, giving you access to aspects of yourself that you did not know existed.  Studying with Kabbalah is a journey of self-discovery about what is happening within, that affects all levels of your life – friends, relatives, co-workers, and yourself – as well as your relationship with things like time, money, and energy.

Second, Kabbalah advises that when we know how to connect directly with Source (the Creator), without any go-betweens, we will find our true inner compass.  And this is the ultimate goal of Kabbalah – to help us connect/reconnect with Source and gain true Freedom.

Third, Kabbalah is gaining popularity today because we need it now, and we are ready to use it now!  Kabbalah helps us answer many key questions about life, but the main two are:

What is the meaning of my life? and
What is my purpose?

Now more than ever, people are feeling called to fulfill their purpose or destiny.  At the same time, they are feeling blocked because they don’t know what their purpose is.  People have been using the art and science of Kabbalah for 1000’s of years to successful move past their personality and lower self, into their Higher Self and Individuality where they can “remember” and do both the inner and outer work required to fulfill their life purpose.

Finally, Kabbalah is the right wisdom for now!  Today our destructiveness as humans is causing great unhappiness to people as well as threatening our environment.  It is no surprise that people are asking questions about life that the wisdom of Kabbalah is ready and able to provide answers to.   This is because Kabbalah specifically explores questions about the meaning of life.  It is not surprising that people today find this appealing and valuable.

To summarize:
•    Kabbalah is a system that will help you answer life’s deepest most profound questions: What is the meaning of my life?  And what is my purpose?
•    Kabbalah has been waiting through the centuries until these questions arose for the large population.
•    Kabbalah is not a passing fad, but a time-tested, practical, scientific method to understanding human nature and Source or Creator.

We are starting a 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Class Series this Saturday, March 9 & 10.  If you are called to this work, or would like more information, please contact me.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Kabbalah – the First Learning.

From my perspective, Kabbalah is not an advanced study, but rather it is the first learning!  This is because Kabbalah speaks directly to our most fundamental desire to know what life is about.  Kabbalah does this by undertaking immediately to answer 5 major questions – the most important ones to ask in life:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What Am I?
  3. Where did I Come From?
  4. Where Am I Going?
  5. What is my Purpose?

Once we know even the flavor of the answers to these questions we can start to better direct our lives on a path of achieving sustainable fulfillment and lasting joy.

In Kabbalah, and the Mystery School, our aim is to “Know Thyself”.  Kabbalah is a simple yet profound system for knowing and understanding yourself.  This knowledge and understanding leads to reconnection with Spirit and the Divine presence within.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment.  It’s a technology that will completely change the way you look at the world.  While Kabbalah illuminates and describes the laws of the spiritual world, it’s not a religion, but rather a spiritual science.

One of the primary teachings in Kabbalah is about becoming a co-creator of Life, helping you to awaken your inner power to affect change in the world.  Kabbalah empowers the creator within each of us, assisting us to manifest our full potential so we can create heaven on earth.  And this is especially true with the way we teach Kabbalah according to the ancient mystery traditions, because we work intensively with what are called the Four Worlds, which is the pattern God/Source/Creator uses in creation.  While you can read about the Four Worlds in books, and commentary on how they work on the different planes of consciousness, none of the authors really tell you HOW to actually implement these patterns into your daily life!  In the 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Class series we help you learn how to use this pattern of creation so that you can become a master creator and manifestor in your life.  We really work with the 4 worlds and teach people how to become co-creators of their lives working directly with God, Archangels, Angels as well as with their gifts and talents.

Because of this focus on being a co-creator of your life and of this world, we emphasize you having more of what is truly important to you in your life.  For most people, this includes true joy and clarity about what is fulfilling – your life purpose.

Waking up

I believe five main things are being asked of us spiritually these days:

  1. That we wake up and stay awake
  2. That we grow up, mature and become spiritual adults
  3. That we Know ourselves, TRULY know ourselves and learn how to recognize and TELL OURSELVES THE TRUTH,
  4. That we Transform and Master Ourselves
  5. That we develop an unbounded trust in God/Creator (in order to accomplish the first 4 things)

The Buddha was once asked, Are you an angel?  The Buddha answered No.  He was next asked, Are you a god?  Again, the Buddha answered, No.  What are you then? He was asked.  I am simply awake, he replied.  If you are familiar with the Buddha’s story you know he had to do a great deal of inner work, facing his inner demons and illusions head on to achieve this awake state.  Such a state does not come easy.  Perhaps the scariest territory to explore is our personality and the inside of our minds and our behavior.  It may be ironic, but the most courage we may ever need in our lives is to face ourselves and know ourselves.

The Mystery School 10-month Kabbalah ascension series is a course in experience.  It actually invites you to participate in the world in a new way.  It asks you to be awake, to engage, and to awaken to that engagement.  When we are awake to our participation in life, something entirely new and different reveals itself.  It is the difference between working on an objective theory about the world and actively participating in making YOUR world!  Healing happens!  Transformation happens!  Self-Mastery happens!

This awakened or transformational state happens when we seek a living relationship with the Creator, which I think of as what the Buddhists call Clear Light and what the kabbalists describe as the Light.  The deeper we go into this true world of Light, the more we find God at the center of everything.

You might find yourself asking, if God is at the center of everything, then why do I need to study the world?  Why do I need to know about the Four Worlds?  The reason is that so that we can know creation.  We need to know how this truth plays out in the world of duality because we need to know how to act in order to transform and master ourselves.  We need to know how to be so that we can reduce the enormous suffering in the world – both our own and that of others.  This is the knowledge understanding, transformation, and self-mastery that Kabbalah offers us – knowledge, understanding, transformation and mastery of ourselves and therefore, of our world around us.

This is why, from my perspective, Kabbalah is not an advanced study, but rather it is the first learning!  The study and learning for each of us to engage in to better know ourselves.

To find out more about Kabbalah, how the Mystery School teaches Kabbalah and the 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Series starting March 9-10, I invite you to join me in either or both of the two Kabbalah Information talks – Saturday, February 9, 3-5 pm and Wednesday, February 27.  New material will be presented at each talk.


Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

A Fresh Start

I love January and its gift of a fresh start and new beginnings.  I always feel I have an entirely new life book to start writing in, that is enhanced by the wisdom I gained from the preceding years’ experiences.

Kabbalah teaches us about the process of gathering Knowledge in order to gain Understanding for the ultimate goal of achieving Wisdom.  The world would tell us that achieving wisdom is the end result.  Kabbalah though, advises that achieving wisdom is just the beginning, and we must be willing to empty our cup and repeat this process again and again in order to thrive, prosper, and experience true joy and fulfillment in achieving our destiny of enlightenment and mastery.

As we start the new year, it is this kabbalistic nugget of gold that I am sharing with you this month: the only way to truly procure a fresh start, is if you are willing to begin with an empty cup.  That means letting go of past experiences, as well as expectations for the future.  I am not telling you to let go of lessons learned.  Nor am I advising you to stop dreaming about what you desire.  What then am I suggesting?  Let go of your attachments – attachments to knowledge, attachments to experiences, attachments to people, attachments to possessions – all attachments.  Enjoy everything in your life without any attachment!  Attachments block the flow of Love and Light.  Be willing to love – truly love – without conditions or attachments.

Enter 2019 with the Understanding and Wisdom you have rightfully gained and perhaps even mastered but with no attachment to either – enter with a fresh, new, beginners mind.

With this purity of mind, you can invite in the higher Beauty of God’s Mind and Love, to join and influence all of your thoughts and resulting actions.  And the magick you create will be splendid indeed.

Sending you light and love and wishes for a most wonderful and joyful January.
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Harnessing Your Gift of Sensitivity To Fulfill Your Destiny

In the last several months I have been working with many new people, and there has been a recurrent theme around the gift of sensitivity. I am referring to what some people refer to as being an empath – or the enhanced ability to perceive and sense what is going on around us.

This sensitivity is truly a gift and can be our greatest strength when we know how to use it. Unfortunately, our culture, our education systems, and even our religions often don’t teach us how to handle these gifts and remain balanced in the world.

Being truly present, or sensitive if you will, is an authentic response to life. It requires being awake, alive and present in the moment. And when we are authentic, we are in our authority – and can become the author of our life. Truly empowered.

As I work with people who have the gift of sensitivity, they have often felt they are too sensitive to live in the world, or that their sensitivity is a curse. When in fact, this sensitivity is actually a sacred gift, that when understood and empowered, will be at the foundation of their true joy, and a core part of successfully fulfilling their destiny.

I admit, it is difficult to possess this gift when it is untrained, and to live in an insensitive, noisy, and often offensive world. At the same time, we each have the ability to transform this gift into personal power and strength.

One of the common themes for people who are learning to harness the gift of sensitivity is that we often take on more than we can handle, because we sense the feelings of others and feel compelled to be responsive. One of the gifts of sensitive people is that we pick up the nuances of situations – the pain and the joy – and it is as if it all demands our attention. This can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and even helpless.

So what can we do when we feel overwhelmed or helpless in a situation with another person? I want to offer several suggestions.

First, develop discernment about when to help another person and when not to. As sensitive people, we always want to help, but it is not always appropriate to get involved in another person’s life issues. And the result can be that we take away an important life learning for that person, which in the end creates negative karma for us, which can create more suffering if we are not careful.

Second, we can ask for help from our Higher Self, who is very willing to connect with another person’s Higher Self and support the situation from the highest and best good.

Third, we can ask the angels for their help. They are always more than willing to be called into service to help a situation turn out for the best.

Finally, we can seek assistance for ourselves and the other person in prayer. We can pray for clarity and the wisdom of discernment and the ability to do what is in the highest and best good for both ourselves and the other person.

As sensitive people, we have deep compassion and naturally want to help alleviate the suffering of another person, especially when we are feeling it ourselves. As so many of us have experienced, rescue a victim and you can become a victim of the victim! The truth is that when we try to rescue another person from their pain we may in fact be avoiding dealing with our own inner unresolved pain. Emotional pain is hard to deal with in ourselves and when left unhealed, nearly impossible to witness in others.

We have to get to the point in our personal healing where the tragedies and personal issues of others do not strike a personal note and bring on our own personal unresolved pain and even drama. It’s so important that as sensitive people we learn how to pause, take a breath, step back, and do not try to fix things immediately when we may not understand exactly what is broken. Just because we can feel pain, or sadness, or grief, or any number of other emotions, does not mean it is our responsibility to fix them for others.

When we enter into this attempt to alleviate another person’s pain, we are not understanding a basic principle about energy. And we are entering into an energy imbalance with another person.

As a sensitive person, it is our responsibility to recognize the feelings we have – what we are experiencing – and then make a choice about how to handle it. We must keep in mind that others are not our responsibility, we are our responsibility and maintaining our own balance, energy, and peace of mind is our number one responsibility.

One of the hardest things is for sensitive people to think of themselves first. As a sensitive person, you have the gifts that God gave you, and you are here to develop them. No one gains from these gifts when you feel inundated by life, or when you are continuously caretaking others and not taking care of yourself. We must keep our inner flame strong so that we can share the love and gifts we have in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way. Only you can keep yourself strong and powerful.

Being a sensitive person is truly a gift from God, that each person needs to learn how to manage responsibly, and develop for the good of all. You can be a true force for good, love and beauty on the planet, when you understand how to care for and use your gift with discernment.

Through the Modern Mystery School, the Life Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation, and Universal Kabbalah Ascension Class Series helped me understand my own gifts, how to harness them, and bring them into alignment with my Life Purpose. Please contact me if you would like more information about this topic.

Sending you light and love and wishes for a most wonderful and joyful Holiday Season
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


Gratitude and the Alchemy of Prayer

As some of you know, I am in the process of developing, writing and delivering a new seven-week Kabbalah Class Series – The Tree of Health, Vitality and Wholeness: The Art of Thriving vs. Surviving. This is a miraculous experience as the class is quite literally writing itself. Needless to say, it has been waiting to come out for several years, and once given the space to do so, is literally “pouring forth”. I must say, up to now, some of the teachings in Malkuth, Yesod, Hod and even Netzach, are beyond what I anticipated we would be covering. I really enjoy this aspect of Kabbalah – when we as students are ready, it always offers opportunities for newness and freshness, as well as deeper understandings – while setting a path in front of us inviting continual development, expansion, and enlightenment.

In each Sephirah to date, concerning the topic of health, vitality, and wholeness, thru the lens of thriving vs. surviving, what continues to surface is the necessity for a relationship with prayer. Also becoming apparent is the reality of what we sacrifice when we live in the absence of prayer. So much new information, understanding, and clarity has been coming in. As a result, I am putting the finishing touches on a new evening class on prayer – Embracing the Light: The Beauty, Wisdom & Alchemy of Prayer. (We have included more information below).

As a mystery school teacher, offering classes in the lineage of King Salomon I always emphasize the importance of what I refer to as the balance of the 3-legged stool in our lives – Ritual, Prayer, and Meditation. We spend considerable time instructing on Ritual and Meditation, but not so much time with Prayer. In fact, I notice that when I mention prayer, a number of people become noticeably uncomfortable, while many of these same people seem much more comfortable with the topics of meditation and ritual. The topic of prayer poses a number of challenges that ritual and meditation do not. People often share that this is a reflection of an earlier experience with religion that did not ‘fit’, or even a misunderstanding about how the Light (God) and prayer actually work in our lives. For instance, it took me many years to overcome the indoctrination I received as a child, and embrace a willingness to re-establish a relationship with God. And of course, what I eventually found, is that God had never moved from my life! And that’s the good news. When we seek, we will find Source. And prayer is one of the ways we can establish meaningful connection.

What I have also come to understand as a Kabbalist and Guide, is that prayer is as normal to each human as our breath, and as vital. While the breath sustains the physical body, prayer sustains our spiritual body and connection with God. And the prayer breath, is ideally a continuous whispering breath that we engage in when we are comfortable, aware, and practiced with prayer. I find it so much more uplifting and constructive than the negative self-talk I used to constantly find my mind engaged in!

And yes, prayer can have as many forms as there are people. When I first started creating steps toward building a new relationship with God, prayer was something I was having none of. For one thing, I remembered too many scenes as a child of people on their knees begging and pleading with God for something. And while I was raised to respect other people and their spiritual beliefs, including a healthy respect for God, this type of prayer was not attractive to me, nor did it seem empowering, from my perspective.

Eventually, as I matured and committed to my spiritual path, I truly desired a relationship with God. Even though I was ready, the only form of prayer I could manage were expressions of Gratitude. And so I started with that – I addressed everything I was grateful for to God. And it worked. For me. I started making what I was appreciative for into a prayer – a verbal prayer – often at first, while I was driving to and from work. This began as positive affirmation prayers, but soon became much more – my heart became fully engaged.

Gratitude, or appreciation, has an alchemical nature to it, as I was soon to discover. What it actually led me to was the choice to love – the choice to love my life and myself, regardless of my current circumstances. As those changes started to happen within, they began to reflect outwardly. I was happier. I started attracting more positive results. My life literally changed in 20 days. For the better.

The reason for this noticeable change: Our hearts expand when we express gratitude – when we are grateful and show it. The more we practice gratitude the more power it gathers in our lives. It forms the basis for a unique type of chemical/alchemical change in our lives. This is because our minds respond almost instantly to this “attitude of gratitude” or to our prayers of gratitude and appreciation. And when we form our gratitude into prayer, not only are we thanking the Creator for what we have been given, but we are also enlisting God as a partner for our future creations.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I invite you to join me in embracing an “Attitude of Gratitude” in your waking hours. And if you are comfortable, explore turning this consciousness into a constant, whispering breath of prayer.

I look forward to hearing from you about your month of gratitude, and how chose to express it, and your outcomes.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

The Experience of Being An Eternal Spiritual Being Having A Physical Experience

The mystery school teaches that we are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience.  The ‘eternal’ part of this teaching goes on to say that we have never been born and therefore we can never die!  That is an amazing statement within itself and one that I will unpack in a later newsletter.

In classes and talks, when I refer to being spiritual beings having a physical experience, most people readily agree.  I find it encouraging that the vast majority of people I come in contact with today believe that our true essence is spiritual!  Actually, I love this.

And then we come down to the day-to-day reality of our lives.  And that can be a variety of things – including messy, beautiful, hard, painful… Included are joy, passion, struggle, laughter, fear, love, co-dependency, anger, attachment – a long list of everything we experience as humans.

The ability to experience all emotions is unique to human, so even though some of them may not feel good, it literally defines who we are from the rest of the beings we share the planet with.  I am referring here to the mystery school teaching that our ability to have and express emotions comes from our soul.  And my experience with emotions has been that the deeper, more painful experiences have literally carved out a place within me to recognize and experience more joy, love, passion and compassion.

So all emotion can be beneficial, but ….   And there is a ‘but’ for many of us!  Emotions are not so wonderful when we get stuck in a negative emotional pattern or become attached to a destructive or unhealthy behavior.  And yet, of this is part of a Spiritual Being having a physical experience.

\We might ask then, what is the purpose for this physical experience?  Why didn’t we just stay spiritual?  Great question.  It sure would have been easier a lot of the time from our experience here on the planet in the physical body!

My answer comes from Kabbalah.  Because we wanted more – in fact, we wanted it all.  We wanted to become like our Creators – who created us in their image.  This meant, we needed to have the soul.  And with that comes the physical body – a density that is as far away that we can get from the eternal spiritual being that is our essence!

I don’t know about you, but when I realized that I actually made a choice to leave my place of eternal spiritual peace and come to Earth, I first wondered what was wrong with my decision.  But I soon realized that I made that choice from a much more vast place of knowing than what I have access to here in the physical body.  And while that sometimes sucks, I also know intuitively I made a wise decision and that something bigger than the me is happening here!

What is happening?  Me – You – Us.  Preparing ourselves to return to being Eternal Spiritual beings, with this experience of physicality.  The question becomes, then, what do we need to do that is important while we are here?  What are we REALLY meant to be doing here?  The answer is simple – BE IN JOY AND BRING JOY TO OTHERS.  REAL JOY.  The real thing.  Not all the strategies, and behaviors, nor attaining the physical things we use as replacements, nor the false emotions that masquerade as joy, but pure Joy.  And as we start getting this ‘joy thing’ down, what ensues is an ability to LIVE LIFE ALIVE – truly alive – in Joy and Fulfillment.

Like I said, the answer is simple, but the application, based on our results, does not seem to be so simple.  As humans, we have lost our focus on what is most important and how to live life and truly thrive.  For instance, the ancient mystery teachings are that our emotions are a gift from the creator.  And yet, they have become something that we mis-use and misunderstand to the extent that nearly all major illnesses today on the planet can be traced to an emotional component gone awry.  Stunning, right?  And like I talked about in last month’s newsletter – fear is a big emotion that many people need to come to terms with.

I ask the question again.  What are we really meant to do here?  Be in Joy and share Joy.  But how – what do we need to change?  The answer is GROW UP – MATURE.  Become Spiritual Adults.  This is a questing far beyond age – it is a development of spiritual maturity – ownership for one’s life and one’s results in life.  You could almost say, moving into being the full-time boss of your own life.  Not expecting or desiring anyone else or anything else to provide joy, fulfillment, contentment, peace of mind, or security for you.  And from this place comes the ability to Live Life Alive and Joy

Why do we need to make these changes?  For two reasons.  First for ourself – to access the true potential that lies within each of us, and to bring that out and live from that place of actualization.  Second, we need to heal ourselves and know how to be in our full potential so that we can reduce the enormous suffering in the world.

How do we make these changes?  Most of our systems really don’t teach this type of spiritual maturity, so we are unprepared in reality to grow up, as strange as that sounds!  My answer refers to the Modern Mystery School Initiations and the Universal Kabbalah 10-Month Ascension Program.  The Kabbalah is a spiritual technology that allows you to take control of your life and create ‘the you’ that you desire to be, ‘the you’ that you know is inside waiting to be empowered to come out.  The Initiations give you the empowerment to do the work and the Universal Kabbalah Ascensions assist you to move through all the stopping places that have been created in your life (by you and society) that are between you and actualizing your full potential.

This system (The Initiations and the Universal Kabbalah Ascensions) is about you seeing you, and empowering yourself to actualize your true potential.  It works and has worked for Initiates and Kabbalists in this lineage for over 3500 years.

I invite you to touch base with me if you are interested in knowing more or step deeper onto this path.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

You, the Light, and Fear

Last month we talked about Relationships and the need – both our need and the planet’s need – for us to grow up and become Spiritual adults.  In this conversation, we touched on fear and the impact it has in our lives.  This month I want to delve deeper into fear and how is disables our ability to mature and function as adults.

What is Fear?
Actually, I view Fear as False Evidence Appearing Real!  In our society today, we have very little true opportunity to actually use the original ‘flight or fight response of healthy fear’ to keep us safe.  As a result, much of the fear we experience has become something it was never meant to be.  In most cases, fear is no longer a trustworthy signal to keep us physically safe.  In fact, when most fear that comes up today has nothing to do with actual physical survival. It is either False, as stated above, or Drama – today’s accepted cultural response to False Evidence Appearing Real.

But what is it about False Evidence Appearing Real that so many people keep returning to it and using it as a staple in their lives?  Quite frankly, when we are in FEAR, even if it is false, we feel alive!  It puts us on the edge, tips the balance, and keeps us moving – in comparison to the inertia or idleness that so many people experience in their daily lives.  This momentum produced by fear and the direction we are moving in is often a rut – very seldom is it a path towards anything having to do with actually fulfilling our life purpose or destiny.

We might then deduce from this that F.E.A.R. for many of us has become a valued friend, keeping us “safe” from risks that would take us outside of our comfort zone!.  The reality is that it is outside this comfort zone where true fulfillment and joy lie.  In fact, F.E.A.R. is not really the safe friend that it masks as, but rather a technique that allows us to continue to sabotage our greatness and our potential!

Who is Afraid?
It is my experience in most situations with False Evidence Appearing Real, it is not the adult who is experiencing the Fear, but rather the inner child.  The inner child creates situations in the adult’s life to get attention and noticed.  Things like not paying the rent on time, not balancing the checkbook, waiting until the last minute to fill up the gas tank, always leaving late, running up the credit card beyond what can be paid back, or maintaining a constant high level of stress, fear and worry creating high blood pressure, headaches, injuries, feeling unloved or unlovable creating auto immune disorders and other related illnesses, ….  This list goes on and on.

These are things that a mature adult does not do – but an inner child needing and wanting attention, … well let’s just say, the child breaks through into our lives, and cause stress, commotion, and sometimes downright disaster.  Leaving a mess for the adult (that is present) to handle.

You may ask: how do I get past my Fear?
First, when you experience stress with someone and the resulting fear, it’s always a signal to be responsible and take care of the problem now.  It is a message to do something, and the longer you put it off the louder the message gets.  Doing something does not necessarily mean doing the easy thing, or fixing it for someone else.  It does mean doing the right thing.  This takes maturity, and can never be directed by the inner child.

Second, you have to realize that fear (like stress) pinpoints exactly what you need to focus on!  For instance, Are you afraid of success?  Kabbalistically speaking, fear of success is really inverted ego – the inversion of a fear of failure.  For example, If you never have to succeed, you never have to fail!  

Third, don’t turn away from fear (or stress, but rather, embrace them – embrace the heat they produce in your life!  Accept them and let them do their work.  Why?  Because one of the secrets of our universe is that it’s never a contest between you and your obstacles, or between you and your fears.  It’s always about you and God.  It’s about you and the Light and what it will reveal to you.  The obstacles and fear are only about how you will reveal the Light in your life!  You can be slowed and even stopped by stress and fear, or you can recognize that they are here to help you move forward.

What is on the other side of Fear?
Your life – the one that is really worth living.  The life that you dream about.  The life that you desire.  The one you are meant to live.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

Moving from Separation to Unification – Becoming Spiritual Adults

Relationships are a big issue right now in the planet’s spiritual evolution. We all want healthy, supportive, fulfilling relationships. And in fact, as Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience, our relationships provide key opportunities for us to grow and evolve. They offer us unlimited experiences for learning and maturing. But depending on how we work with and respond to these experiences, some relationships until healed, can take us down a road of being stuck, co-dependency and repetition of old patterns from our past.

We are being called today more than ever to become spiritual adults — to move past outworn patterns that no longer serve our spiritual progression. And yet as we look around, we can observe many people who are clinging more tenaciously than ever to habits and behaviors that no longer work. Why is this more apparent now than ever? The answer is simple. Fear. Fear of change, fear that if we do change it won’t work, fear based on remembering someone who broke out of the mold and maybe it didn’t seem to go so well for them, etc. Our reasons for not changing, and letting fear rule in our lives go on and on and on.

You might ask yourself, where does this fear come from? For the most part, it comes from the unresolved hidden wounds and resulting fears of the inner child. Whatever has not been healed for the inner child almost always will be expressed in the adult’s life as a stopping place, block, resistance, reluctance, lethargy, depression, fear, etc. The list can be long. It is usually the child that is afraid and expressing the fear – not the adult! It is the adult, tho, that expresses the ensuing drama!

Where the family had unhealthy patterns the child experiences wounding and starts developing coping mechanisms, including people pleasing and perfectionism or the other end of the spectrum including isolation, and feeling like they can never do it right, or are not good enough, etc. And this carries right through to adulthood. As adults, we will have developed masks that we hide behind, but the original unresolved pain and fear of the child is still there, and is most often what is sabotaging our results. Apparent contradictions on the surface of things often show us that a deeper unity needs to be reclaimed.

Once we are adults, it becomes our work to take care of the wounding that persists for the inner child. But we can only address this if we are aware of it. Our work in becoming Spiritual Adults is to become conscious of the inner child’s emotional needs and wounding, and heal this, so that it is not constantly, or even occasionally, breaking through into and disrupting our everyday lives.

The Universal Kabbalah has been the single most helpful resource I have found, both short and long-term, in addressing the needs of the inner child as well as supporting people in fine tuning and moving into competent levels in all areas of their lives as Spiritual Adults. When you use the Kabbalistic system to heal what is amiss in your life, the result is Unification and Transformation. The system of Kabbalah moves us from a state of separateness, and being out of synch to wholeness and the state of being with God.

We need to learn how to be Spiritual Adults so that we can reduce the suffering in our own lives and the enormous suffering in the world. The Universal Kabbalah is a tool that can help you do this. I invite you to consider joining me for the new series The Tree of Health, Vitality & Wholeness: Evening Conversations with Kabbalah.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

Living a Life Filled with Beauty and Harmony

Last month we talked about ‘Nurturing More Beauty In Our Lives’, and this month Beauty is still at the forefront my consciousness. 

So much beauty is surrounding us in our lives as summer is coming to its fullness in July.   As a Kabbalist I see this beauty, and it reminds me of the Sephirah Tiphareth on the Tree of Life.  Tiphareth translates as Beauty and Harmony.

The Beauty we are talking about in Tiphareth goes below the surface and reflects back to us a life well lived.  But often, the reflection we receive in our daily lives is not that of either beauty or harmony.  Why is that?

Kabbalah will tell us that if the reflection is other than harmony, we are not in alignment with our true self.  The life we are living is not what we are here to live.  WOW.  That may be a big bite for some folks.  But honestly, it is a course correction of many small steps.

Here is how it works:

First step – who am I?  This is the question we must answer in order to live a life in alignment with our life purpose.  Unfortunately, we are not taught how to answer this question in our education systems.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Kabbalah, though, comes to our aid and starts helping us answer this question almost immediately as it helps us recognize and align with our most true inner nature.  Sure, that means we have to let go of some things.  These ‘things’ are usually attachments that really don’t serve us.  The truth though, is that as we become aware of these attachments, we can relax, release, and get on with the life we are here to live!

Second step – what do I want/desire in my life?  Not what I have been educated to want, or what I have been told I want, but what do I really what?  What brings me true, lasting joy?  As we expand the moments of true joy we experience more harmony and beauty.  Joy, beauty and harmony are always inter-connected.

Third step – how do I keep moving forward in the right direction?  In other words, I am not stuck in inertia or repetition of the same thing.  As you know, if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results!  The answer to this question is knowing what your purpose is.  Or at least, having an inkling of what your purpose is.  When you have some clarity about this, then the motivation follows to keep moving forward.  It is no longer a struggle – you will have direction.  You will be excited to go to work – because it is aligned with your purpose/destiny.

These three steps can be taken every hour every day in achieving beauty and harmony and a life well-lived.

  1. Make sure you are moving in alignment with your life purpose.
  2. How do you know what that is?  It will unfold as you are in joy.  The more joy you have, the more on track you are with your life purpose.
  3. Keep moving… forward.  The way to ensure forward movement is by living a balanced healthy life style that addresses all aspects of you – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and so how we take care of ourselves here in the physical body results in the quality of experience we are having.

I hope you have a marvelous July filled with Beauty and Harmony and invite you to share with me how this is expressing itself in your life.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

Nurturing More Beauty in Our Lives

I have been appreciating the beauty that spring has brought to the Pacific Northwest recently as so many trees, bushes, bulbs and plants have been in bloom. This has taken me on a deeper journey of wanting to cultivate a more expansive garden on my patio as well as in my life.

We all know that for beauty to be real, it has to go beyond the surface. A plant cannot thrive and bloom if it does not have the nutrients it needs to sustain its life. And this is true for both plants and people.

What are the ‘nutrients’ that we need then as humans to nurture beauty in our inner lives? Here are some items I find to be important:

  • Courage – to tell ourselves and others the truth. This helps us maintain clean, healthy relationships, even if it is not always easy. To do this we have to have clarity, honesty and integrity.
  • Clarity – about what is most important, otherwise we can tend to get sidetracked on less important projects or things that really don’t matter in the long run
  • Honesty and integrity – with ourselves and others. This requires being able and willing to tell the truth. To do that, we have to know who we are – who we really are!
  • Knowledge – of who I am in all aspects of my being. Know Thyself is the edict of every ancient mystery tradition.
  • Stamina – to keep going even when we want to stop. Often, stamina requires faith in the unknown.
  • Belief – In God, Goddess, Creator – and organizer of our universe. The vast cosmos is a system of remarkable frequency, resonance, and organization.
  • Faith – that there will always be a way to turn lemons into lemonade. A little bit of humor here as a reminder that faith is a necessary ingredient to see things through and find the next phase of our life, making sure we have a life well lived. We don’t have a choice about what happens to us, but we do have a choice about what we do with it.
  • Understanding – that we are made in the image of God and there is a plan for each of us to achieve this lifetime
  • Forgiveness – of ourselves and others as we live large and make mistakes. If we live within the comfort zone, and are afraid of making mistakes, we will never realize our greatness.

I hope you have a wonderful June and enjoy the external beauty around you. And I invite you to join me in consciously uncovering, discovering, and expressing the inner beauty of you every day.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation