Excellence vs. Perfection

As many of you know who are following my monthly newsletters, I am teaching the 10-month Universal Kabbalah Ascension Class.  One of the challenges that I find many spiritual seekers have who are working on themselves and their lives is that of perfectionism.  Focusing on perfection will nearly always result in failure, because to be human is to be not perfect!  Not ever!  We are not designed to be perfect!  In fact, striving constantly for perfectionism often leads to the experience of overwhelm and even discouragement, and many people find themselves reluctant to start new projects because they know the end result will not be ‘perfect’.

If perfectionism is something you deal with, I urge you to replace it with working to attain excellence, and set your own bar of achievement, based on where you are in each area of your life.   In other words, compare your progression with yourself, not with anyone else.

Here are some attitude adjustments you can make to assist you to move from the need to be perfect into achieving excellence:

Excellence                                        vs.                                         Perfectionism

Willing to be wrong                                                                  Having to be Right

Accepting / Faith                                                                      Resisting

Trusting & believing in the positive                                       Skeptical

Being inclusive (including others)                                         Being self-focused

Consistent & diligent                                                                Serious

Being in the flow                                                                       Hard work

Commitment to your dream                                                   Commitment to someone else’s dream for you

Disclosure with discernment                                                  Withholding

Spontaneous                                                                             Controlled

Owning 100%                                                                            Settling for less than 100%

Confident                                                                                   Doubting

Enjoying the process                                                                Concerned only with the end result

One of my favorite mentors and teachers, Ipsissimus David Lanyon, Modern Mystery School, recently made this statement in a conversation we were having: Excellence cannot happen in your life without Commitment.  Commitment is the foundation for everything. 

If you have been committed to perfection, I invite you to change that commitment to excellence, and enjoy the new fruits in your life.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Fantasy vs. Reality

One big objective in life if you want to achieve your destiny (and be maximally effective while doing it), is to align your presentation to both yourself and others with what you hold as most important.  Another way of saying this is, “Tell the truth to myself and others.”

The way to know what you have been holding as most important is to look honestly at your results.

When your tangible measurable results are consistent with what you hold as most important – TAKE IT PERSONALLY – OWN IT – KNOW THAT YOU CREATED THIS RESULT!

When your tangible, measurable results are inconsistent with what you think you hold as most important, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Stay away from the victim position. Hold that I am 100% accountable for creating this result.  Take the position that no one (including myself) is at fault or to blame about this.
  2. Check yourself for the presence of either guilt or resentment regarding this result.  If you are experiencing guilt you are protecting your fantasy about yourself.  If you are experiencing resentment, you are protecting your fantasy about another.
  3. Look at what result you did create – other than the one you wanted.  What is it that you allowed to be more important than creating what you really wanted?
  4. Look for any beliefs/positions you held that did not support you in creating the desired result.  Let go of any unworkable positions/beliefs.
  5. Check the intensity of your commitment to creating what you hold as most important.  Have you been deceiving yourself about your degree of commitment?
  6. Reaffirm your commitment to the result you want to create.  Challenge yourself to full participation.  GO FOR IT!
Working with reality (vs. fantasy) does require a new level of recognizing and telling ourselves the truth.  When we tell ourselves the truth – the real truth (without guilt or resentment) – it will bring us into the now.  And the NOW is the only place from where we can make a sustainable change.

I invite you to look at your life through this new filter of fantasy vs. reality.  I trust it will reveal some very interesting things to you about you.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Unproductive Positions, Stopping Places, & Walls

In Kabbalah and other classes I often talk about the ways we block the light – how we slow down our own progress and impede our own progression.  Each of us has plenty of these ineffectual positions, walls and stopping places.  I have found that there are certain walls many people have in common that must be overcome if one is going to successfully fulfill their destiny.  Most of these are in the form of unproductive positions and beliefs.

In order to achieve your destiny you must:

  1. Choose fulfillment as a key foundation for life rather than survival.
  2. Release other people’s agenda for you and own the idea that there is no particular way that anyone should be.
  3. Realize that what is past is past and has no bearing on the now.
  4. Release the belief “it has to be perfect” no one can consistently live up to this measurement.  It is guaranteed to sabotage you and/or your health, peace of mind, and wellbeing.
  5. Release the belief that “what I want is not okay, it isn’t good enough.” Or “it is just too ambitious.”
  6. Tell yourself the truth about what is most important to you and release the position “I don’t know what is most important to me.”  You do know and are keeping this a secret from yourself!
  7. Operate as a person who is in the process of creating his/her destiny (what is most important).  The most important thing is to create a truly supportive environment for yourself.
  8. While you are in the process of achieving your destiny, a number of potential stopping places/walls exist.  Some of these are:
  • Discouragement/lack of faith/lack of belief in yourself
  • Looking back and longing for what was (and remembering a “rose-colored” version of the past)
  • Bogging down in incompletes
  • Greener pastures – I would be more fulfilled/happier in a different job, relationship, city, etc.
  • “Wanting to want to change” vs. actually taking the action steps necessary to change
  • “Birds of a feather” – surrounding yourself with people who will buy your excuses to stay reasonable and comfortable and live smaller than your destiny
  • Not setting new goals that are consistent with what is most important to you and in alignment with your destiny
  • Buying into other people’s values in order to fit in and belong
  • Letting your clarity of purpose and vision for who you are slip
Mastering these obstacles in life equals achieving your greatness.  No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it!  Keep persevering and know that everything your heart desires is on the other side of these walls!

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Reclaiming your Divine Nature & Living as a Citizen of the Galaxy

The first class I took in the mystery school was the Galactic Activation – in 2000 it was 2.5 days long.  I benefitted tremendously both short term and long term from the information in this class as well as the activation.

Why?  Because it was (and is) all the teachings about

  • becoming a Citizen of the Galaxy –
  • moving from the matrix control of our planet into the universal system
  • and in the process, reactivating and reclaiming your original divine blueprint
  • while at the same time, managing your physical body and its health needs and requirements in these new energies.  Which, by the way, is in full alignment with the New Paradigm, or Shamballah (as some prefer to call it, or referred to by the ancients as the Garden of Eden)!
We are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Nearly everyone I talk with these days agrees with this statement.  When you look at this statement, there is a lot to it.  Eternity for one – the implication that we came from somewhere, and after this physical lifetime, we are going somewhere.  It’s easy enough to say we came from God, since we are spiritual beings, and for the purposes of this conversation then, we are having a physical experience.  But for what purpose?  Is there a purpose?

The mystery school teachings would say we are each here individually for a unique purpose.  AND when enough of these purposes are actualized by enough individuals, we will achieve what has been referred to as the New Paradigm – Peace on Earth – where everyone and everything is living sustainably, in joy and harmony!  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  And if you are reading this, you are probably one of the individuals who are ready to understand and actualize your purpose!

So then when we unpack having a physical experience it becomes evident that there is a lot we can do while we are here in the physical body.  So many people I work with are asking for assistance in recognizing their life work/purpose and destiny.  They feel a calling, and are urged internally to do more and different.  Let me say that the majority of these are people whose lives are working and are successful by all standards – and yet they know that there is something more.

This “calling” is causing a “waking up” on the planet.  So many of us are waking up to the fact that we are here to fulfill our destiny and intuit that while doing that, we will make a contribution to others and to the planet as a whole.  Yes – these are big visions – big callings – often intimidating, but still there, urging us forward.  And inside, the calling comes as a quiet voice – relentless – through the humdrum of daily life, urging us to keep looking, keep seeking, to uncover who we truly are and what we are here to really do this lifetime.

If you are feeling this, I strongly recommend that you look into and consider the Galactic Activation Class on August 3-4 in Seattle.  Besides the activation on Saturday evening which aligns you with the New Paradigm energies, making living life in the physical easier, this class is packed with useful information about living the physical life as a citizen of the galaxy, embracing the new energies that are rapidly coming onto the planet.  Sunday is filled with exercises and teachings that will help you further integrate the universal and planetary shifts and transitions happening.

Please contact me if you would like more information or would like to talk about how this might fit into your personal development.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Holding Onto What is Holding You Back & How to Transform – Illusion vs. Reality

I recently made a statement to a group of people I am working with in Kabbalah. The statement was “Some of you don’t really want to change, you want to want to change!”

As you can imagine this was a bit confrontive for some folks in my audience. ‘Wanting to want to’ is a dilemma I experience often in people. Good, honest, sincere, individuals, who are seeking transformation, but have not actually stepped up to the plate of being ready do the real work. Unfortunately, buying a self-help book or attending a class may not change this situation because the solution is not ultimately outside of the person!

After making this bold statement, I was asked, “how can I change this situation I find myself in of ‘wanting to want to?’” While it is not possible to give a pat answer because what is occurring for each individual is unique and may require a personal conversation, I can share some information I know to be true in these circumstances as well as offer a solution.

First, you must be willing to move from illusion into reality and let go of your attachment to what is holding you back.

Second, when someone ‘wants to want’ something, the basic motivation to make a change is missing. I often find that the reason this motivation is missing is because of the following:

Third, these individuals are lacking clarity about what is most important. I do not believe that most people are lazy; rather, I find that they are unclear about what is most important in their life!

In other words, they have not identified what the value or benefit would be for them to make the change that they ‘want to want to’ make! The effort to make the change looms large, and the old patterns are comfortable and easy. If you are going to change, grow, and develop, you must expand your comfort zone – this can be challenging and even scary sometimes.

If you are desiring change, and it was easier to accomplish, you would have already made the change! Given that your next level of transformation requires a new level of clarity, you must discover and clarify your inner and outer motivations and benefits for making the changes required to move forward.

Getting Ready for Change – Shifting from ‘Wanting to Want to’ to Ready to Change

Ok, so let’s say you have figured out what the benefit is for you to transformation and you are now very motivated to change. What’s next?

Fully engage your 5 physical senses because what you see, visualize, or imagine, you can create
1st: see yourself in the new pattern – living the new lifestyle – see yourself transformed
2nd: feel what this transformation will feels like as you are living the new reality
3rd: what are you and others around you saying To clarify, what can you hear as you imagine
this new picture of you?
4th: what is the smell associated with this image?
5th: is there taste?
The more you can engage the 5 physical senses in this new visualized image of you and/or your new behavior, the sooner it will become a reality.

Forgive yourself when you fall in to the old patterns and refocus on your visualization using the 5 physical senses.

Finally, and very important, find everything in your life that you are sincerely grateful for and begin expressing your gratitude now – in your conversation with others, with yourself, in prayer, in meditation – feel, experience, and express gratitude continually.

These 4 basic steps will assist you in making significant and meaningful change in your life:
1. Determine the benefit to you for making the change – it has to be real and must be your benefit (not someone else’s)
2. Use your 5 senses as you visualize your new reality
3. Forgive yourself when you find yourself backsliding, turn the page, and refocus (without any negative self-talk!)
4. Feel and express gratitude for everything that is working in your life

If you would like more information on working with the 5 physical senses I have several classes coming up that are helpful Empower Thyself and Spiritual Intuition: How to Activate Your Psychic Abilities (see below for dates and times).

I look forward to hearing from you about this topic. If you would like a deeper conversation and personal session, we can do that. Sending you much love and light for the month of May.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Six things you can do this spring to increase your prosperity for 2019.

Prosperity and abundance seems to be at the forefront of many people’s minds right now – how to stabilize and increase the flow.  There are many factors to wealth and prosperity and one of the most important keys is developing and maintaining a strong foundation for life.

We all attract and flow light as a part of the human energy system.  The six steps below will not only increase your abundance and prosperity, but also your health, vitality, and the quality of light you are able to receive and share with others.

1.    Clear your physical space.  I suggest you start with a walk-through review of your living and working space using fresh eyes:
•    Where is there clutter?  This blocks the flow of energy and light coming to you
•    In the closets – what do you no longer wear?  What no longer fits?  What are you no longer attracted to?  Are you using closets to store things you no longer use?  Is there n organization system you could invest in to make better and cleaner use of a closet (for instance)?
•    What do you no longer use?  If I have not used it for a year, then you are unlikely to use it. Perhaps it is time to be sold or donated to someone who has use for it.
•    What is broken and needs repair?  What is broken beyond repair?  What is broken and you are unwilling to have repaired?   If it cannot be repaired, it needs to go into the trash.  If it can be repaired, but honestly you are not going to do it, then put it back into the flow – someone will have a use for it.
Now begin to clean out everything that you do not use, can no longer wear, repair for your use what is broken, sell or toss, etc.  Put all usable items that you no longer use back in the flow.  This cleans the energy in your environment for more abundance to flow to you.

Once you have cleaned out the closets, drawers, basement, spare bedroom, crawl spaces, attic, garage, storage unit, etc., then you can evaluate if a thorough spring cleaning is a good next step.  If you feel overwhelmed by doing the deeper cleaning work yourself, consider hiring someone.  Make sure they do the deep cleaning – curtains, blinds, carpets, air vents in the ceilings and floors, replace furnace filters, wash windows inside and out.  If you are going to manifest abundance, the new energy comes more easily into an organized, sparkling, clean space.

Begin to organize your things so they look neat and are easy to use, store, and use again; which takes some thought.  This includes clothes in closets, items in kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers, office spaces, dining and living rooms.  Bedrooms above all need to support your deep and restful sleep.  Make sure the placement of furniture is attractive as well as opens the flow.  Where is your meditation space and altar, and does it support your spiritual work?  Your altar should be cleaned weekly by you only, to honor the high spiritual energy that comes through it and out to you, your life and work.

For those of you who love your crystals and have them placed around your living and working space, as well as wear them, please give them a regular light spritz with the mystery school holy water.   I recommend clearing personal jewelry daily and spritzing crystals in living and working spaces weekly.  They have consciousness and are constantly working for you – and they really appreciate this thoughtfulness on your part.

2.    Balance your money accounts regularly so know where they are.  It is important that you know where you are financially – you are here in the physical dimensions.  For you to ask God/Spirit/the Universe to send you abundance and flow, you need the specifics of your current financial information!  Know the balances in your accounts at least every month, if not every week, or even every day.  This is not so that you become attached to your money, but rather that you know and understand your current financial position.  Your financial abundance is part of your foundation.  Prosperity cannot build on a weak foundation.  Knowing the truth about your current financial situation is part of having a strong foundation.  This knowledge provides the energy and resources from which to create more abundance and prosperity.

3.    Determine what abundance and prosperity means to you – and not just in terms of finances.  Include health, energy and each of the key areas of your life.  You need to know what it is you want to create in order to ensure that you are creating it!  We always create what is going on in our mind – but we are not always aware of what our mind is creating!   It order to become a conscious co-creator, it is vital that you know what you mean when you talk about and refer to abundance and prosperity.

4.    Look honestly at what you have in your life currently that is working for you and recognize it all by expressing gratitude.   Acknowledge yourself for your role in creating everything that’s working and express gratitude for all that is working and going well in your life.  Gratitude is a key aspect of creating and maintaining abundance.  As well I recommend you thank God for being a partner in your co-creation.

5.    Set a vision for your next level of abundance and prosperity.  As you do this, your vision needs to include touchstones with the 5 senses.  How will it feel, is there a taste or a smell, etc.?  In this visualize, note how you manage your financial prosperity, including the excess.  Are you paying off old bills?  Creating a money market account?  Fully paying your credit cards each month when they arrive? How are you up-leveling your lifestyle?  Where do you as a lightworker want to make a contribution on the planet?  What and who will you invest in?  Perhaps the first contribution you make is in strengthening yourself – investing in your own education as a Lightworker.  It is important to have a plan for how you are going to serve with some of the overflow of abundance that you create in your life.

6.    Invest in yourself. What is your vision for yourself and your life work?  Have you received the Life Activation?  Or perhaps The Empower Thyself Class is next on your list.  Or Healers Academy May 17-21?  Or Healers Academy 2 in November, 2019.  Or maybe you have been doing a lot of classes with the Modern Mystery School and have neglected the balance that is recommended through the private sessions.  If that is the case, I recommend The Hermetic Path Rebalancing Sessions, or The Core Will Infusion, or the Angel Code Healing – just to name a few.  Consider contacting me and let’s talk and develop a personal plan for you that will assist you in your goal of increasing your abundance and prosperity using all the tools found in the lineage of King Salomon.

I welcome hearing from you – how is this working for you in your life and what have you experienced as a result of using some, or all of these steps.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Kabbalah & It’s Role in Personal & Planetary Transformation.

Kabbalah has been a banned topic, or at least hidden, for many centuries.  Only in the last few years has this restriction been raised.  Traditionally, both within the Mystery School tradition as well as the Jewish tradition, Kabbalah has been closed to but a few select and serious students.  This is no longer true.

In fact, Kabbalah has become the in thing to study – hip, cool, relevant.  And the list of well-know people studying Kabbalah reads like a who’s who of celebrities.  But Kabbalah is much more that a pop fad.

If you run a search for Kabbalah on Amazon.com, you will find over 5,000 books, almost all of which have been written since 1980.  If you look closer, the vast majority have been written after 2000.  Only a very few were written before 1900!  As a result, in the past few years, Kabbalah has become a household word!  But what does this mean?

The Book of Zohar, the pinnacle of Jewish treatises on Kabbalah, states that Kabbalah will boom and prosper in the end of days.  It would appear then, that we are nearing the end of days.  The Mystery School defines the end of days as an end to time as we know it, rather than an end to time.  The implication is that there is a big shift in the works for those of us on the planet today.

Key Reasons for the Popularity of Kabbalah Today

I believe that one of the key reasons for the popularity of Kabbalah is that today (in the 21st Century), we have become ready to see and receive Kabbalah for what it really is – a time tested and proven, scientific, practical method of achieving spirituality while living in the world.  Kabbalah will assist you to enhance your perspective about the world and people around you, giving you access to aspects of yourself that you did not know existed.  Studying with Kabbalah is a journey of self-discovery about what is happening within, that affects all levels of your life – friends, relatives, co-workers, and yourself – as well as your relationship with things like time, money, and energy.

Second, Kabbalah advises that when we know how to connect directly with Source (the Creator), without any go-betweens, we will find our true inner compass.  And this is the ultimate goal of Kabbalah – to help us connect/reconnect with Source and gain true Freedom.

Third, Kabbalah is gaining popularity today because we need it now, and we are ready to use it now!  Kabbalah helps us answer many key questions about life, but the main two are:

What is the meaning of my life? and
What is my purpose?

Now more than ever, people are feeling called to fulfill their purpose or destiny.  At the same time, they are feeling blocked because they don’t know what their purpose is.  People have been using the art and science of Kabbalah for 1000’s of years to successful move past their personality and lower self, into their Higher Self and Individuality where they can “remember” and do both the inner and outer work required to fulfill their life purpose.

Finally, Kabbalah is the right wisdom for now!  Today our destructiveness as humans is causing great unhappiness to people as well as threatening our environment.  It is no surprise that people are asking questions about life that the wisdom of Kabbalah is ready and able to provide answers to.   This is because Kabbalah specifically explores questions about the meaning of life.  It is not surprising that people today find this appealing and valuable.

To summarize:
•    Kabbalah is a system that will help you answer life’s deepest most profound questions: What is the meaning of my life?  And what is my purpose?
•    Kabbalah has been waiting through the centuries until these questions arose for the large population.
•    Kabbalah is not a passing fad, but a time-tested, practical, scientific method to understanding human nature and Source or Creator.

We are starting a 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Class Series this Saturday, March 9 & 10.  If you are called to this work, or would like more information, please contact me.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Kabbalah – the First Learning.

From my perspective, Kabbalah is not an advanced study, but rather it is the first learning!  This is because Kabbalah speaks directly to our most fundamental desire to know what life is about.  Kabbalah does this by undertaking immediately to answer 5 major questions – the most important ones to ask in life:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What Am I?
  3. Where did I Come From?
  4. Where Am I Going?
  5. What is my Purpose?

Once we know even the flavor of the answers to these questions we can start to better direct our lives on a path of achieving sustainable fulfillment and lasting joy.

In Kabbalah, and the Mystery School, our aim is to “Know Thyself”.  Kabbalah is a simple yet profound system for knowing and understanding yourself.  This knowledge and understanding leads to reconnection with Spirit and the Divine presence within.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment.  It’s a technology that will completely change the way you look at the world.  While Kabbalah illuminates and describes the laws of the spiritual world, it’s not a religion, but rather a spiritual science.

One of the primary teachings in Kabbalah is about becoming a co-creator of Life, helping you to awaken your inner power to affect change in the world.  Kabbalah empowers the creator within each of us, assisting us to manifest our full potential so we can create heaven on earth.  And this is especially true with the way we teach Kabbalah according to the ancient mystery traditions, because we work intensively with what are called the Four Worlds, which is the pattern God/Source/Creator uses in creation.  While you can read about the Four Worlds in books, and commentary on how they work on the different planes of consciousness, none of the authors really tell you HOW to actually implement these patterns into your daily life!  In the 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Class series we help you learn how to use this pattern of creation so that you can become a master creator and manifestor in your life.  We really work with the 4 worlds and teach people how to become co-creators of their lives working directly with God, Archangels, Angels as well as with their gifts and talents.

Because of this focus on being a co-creator of your life and of this world, we emphasize you having more of what is truly important to you in your life.  For most people, this includes true joy and clarity about what is fulfilling – your life purpose.

Waking up

I believe five main things are being asked of us spiritually these days:

  1. That we wake up and stay awake
  2. That we grow up, mature and become spiritual adults
  3. That we Know ourselves, TRULY know ourselves and learn how to recognize and TELL OURSELVES THE TRUTH,
  4. That we Transform and Master Ourselves
  5. That we develop an unbounded trust in God/Creator (in order to accomplish the first 4 things)

The Buddha was once asked, Are you an angel?  The Buddha answered No.  He was next asked, Are you a god?  Again, the Buddha answered, No.  What are you then? He was asked.  I am simply awake, he replied.  If you are familiar with the Buddha’s story you know he had to do a great deal of inner work, facing his inner demons and illusions head on to achieve this awake state.  Such a state does not come easy.  Perhaps the scariest territory to explore is our personality and the inside of our minds and our behavior.  It may be ironic, but the most courage we may ever need in our lives is to face ourselves and know ourselves.

The Mystery School 10-month Kabbalah ascension series is a course in experience.  It actually invites you to participate in the world in a new way.  It asks you to be awake, to engage, and to awaken to that engagement.  When we are awake to our participation in life, something entirely new and different reveals itself.  It is the difference between working on an objective theory about the world and actively participating in making YOUR world!  Healing happens!  Transformation happens!  Self-Mastery happens!

This awakened or transformational state happens when we seek a living relationship with the Creator, which I think of as what the Buddhists call Clear Light and what the kabbalists describe as the Light.  The deeper we go into this true world of Light, the more we find God at the center of everything.

You might find yourself asking, if God is at the center of everything, then why do I need to study the world?  Why do I need to know about the Four Worlds?  The reason is that so that we can know creation.  We need to know how this truth plays out in the world of duality because we need to know how to act in order to transform and master ourselves.  We need to know how to be so that we can reduce the enormous suffering in the world – both our own and that of others.  This is the knowledge understanding, transformation, and self-mastery that Kabbalah offers us – knowledge, understanding, transformation and mastery of ourselves and therefore, of our world around us.

This is why, from my perspective, Kabbalah is not an advanced study, but rather it is the first learning!  The study and learning for each of us to engage in to better know ourselves.

To find out more about Kabbalah, how the Mystery School teaches Kabbalah and the 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Series starting March 9-10, I invite you to join me in either or both of the two Kabbalah Information talks – Saturday, February 9, 3-5 pm and Wednesday, February 27.  New material will be presented at each talk.


Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

A Fresh Start

I love January and its gift of a fresh start and new beginnings.  I always feel I have an entirely new life book to start writing in, that is enhanced by the wisdom I gained from the preceding years’ experiences.

Kabbalah teaches us about the process of gathering Knowledge in order to gain Understanding for the ultimate goal of achieving Wisdom.  The world would tell us that achieving wisdom is the end result.  Kabbalah though, advises that achieving wisdom is just the beginning, and we must be willing to empty our cup and repeat this process again and again in order to thrive, prosper, and experience true joy and fulfillment in achieving our destiny of enlightenment and mastery.

As we start the new year, it is this kabbalistic nugget of gold that I am sharing with you this month: the only way to truly procure a fresh start, is if you are willing to begin with an empty cup.  That means letting go of past experiences, as well as expectations for the future.  I am not telling you to let go of lessons learned.  Nor am I advising you to stop dreaming about what you desire.  What then am I suggesting?  Let go of your attachments – attachments to knowledge, attachments to experiences, attachments to people, attachments to possessions – all attachments.  Enjoy everything in your life without any attachment!  Attachments block the flow of Love and Light.  Be willing to love – truly love – without conditions or attachments.

Enter 2019 with the Understanding and Wisdom you have rightfully gained and perhaps even mastered but with no attachment to either – enter with a fresh, new, beginners mind.

With this purity of mind, you can invite in the higher Beauty of God’s Mind and Love, to join and influence all of your thoughts and resulting actions.  And the magick you create will be splendid indeed.

Sending you light and love and wishes for a most wonderful and joyful January.
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Harnessing Your Gift of Sensitivity To Fulfill Your Destiny

In the last several months I have been working with many new people, and there has been a recurrent theme around the gift of sensitivity. I am referring to what some people refer to as being an empath – or the enhanced ability to perceive and sense what is going on around us.

This sensitivity is truly a gift and can be our greatest strength when we know how to use it. Unfortunately, our culture, our education systems, and even our religions often don’t teach us how to handle these gifts and remain balanced in the world.

Being truly present, or sensitive if you will, is an authentic response to life. It requires being awake, alive and present in the moment. And when we are authentic, we are in our authority – and can become the author of our life. Truly empowered.

As I work with people who have the gift of sensitivity, they have often felt they are too sensitive to live in the world, or that their sensitivity is a curse. When in fact, this sensitivity is actually a sacred gift, that when understood and empowered, will be at the foundation of their true joy, and a core part of successfully fulfilling their destiny.

I admit, it is difficult to possess this gift when it is untrained, and to live in an insensitive, noisy, and often offensive world. At the same time, we each have the ability to transform this gift into personal power and strength.

One of the common themes for people who are learning to harness the gift of sensitivity is that we often take on more than we can handle, because we sense the feelings of others and feel compelled to be responsive. One of the gifts of sensitive people is that we pick up the nuances of situations – the pain and the joy – and it is as if it all demands our attention. This can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and even helpless.

So what can we do when we feel overwhelmed or helpless in a situation with another person? I want to offer several suggestions.

First, develop discernment about when to help another person and when not to. As sensitive people, we always want to help, but it is not always appropriate to get involved in another person’s life issues. And the result can be that we take away an important life learning for that person, which in the end creates negative karma for us, which can create more suffering if we are not careful.

Second, we can ask for help from our Higher Self, who is very willing to connect with another person’s Higher Self and support the situation from the highest and best good.

Third, we can ask the angels for their help. They are always more than willing to be called into service to help a situation turn out for the best.

Finally, we can seek assistance for ourselves and the other person in prayer. We can pray for clarity and the wisdom of discernment and the ability to do what is in the highest and best good for both ourselves and the other person.

As sensitive people, we have deep compassion and naturally want to help alleviate the suffering of another person, especially when we are feeling it ourselves. As so many of us have experienced, rescue a victim and you can become a victim of the victim! The truth is that when we try to rescue another person from their pain we may in fact be avoiding dealing with our own inner unresolved pain. Emotional pain is hard to deal with in ourselves and when left unhealed, nearly impossible to witness in others.

We have to get to the point in our personal healing where the tragedies and personal issues of others do not strike a personal note and bring on our own personal unresolved pain and even drama. It’s so important that as sensitive people we learn how to pause, take a breath, step back, and do not try to fix things immediately when we may not understand exactly what is broken. Just because we can feel pain, or sadness, or grief, or any number of other emotions, does not mean it is our responsibility to fix them for others.

When we enter into this attempt to alleviate another person’s pain, we are not understanding a basic principle about energy. And we are entering into an energy imbalance with another person.

As a sensitive person, it is our responsibility to recognize the feelings we have – what we are experiencing – and then make a choice about how to handle it. We must keep in mind that others are not our responsibility, we are our responsibility and maintaining our own balance, energy, and peace of mind is our number one responsibility.

One of the hardest things is for sensitive people to think of themselves first. As a sensitive person, you have the gifts that God gave you, and you are here to develop them. No one gains from these gifts when you feel inundated by life, or when you are continuously caretaking others and not taking care of yourself. We must keep our inner flame strong so that we can share the love and gifts we have in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way. Only you can keep yourself strong and powerful.

Being a sensitive person is truly a gift from God, that each person needs to learn how to manage responsibly, and develop for the good of all. You can be a true force for good, love and beauty on the planet, when you understand how to care for and use your gift with discernment.

Through the Modern Mystery School, the Life Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation, and Universal Kabbalah Ascension Class Series helped me understand my own gifts, how to harness them, and bring them into alignment with my Life Purpose. Please contact me if you would like more information about this topic.

Sending you light and love and wishes for a most wonderful and joyful Holiday Season
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation