Thriving in Spite of Loss

So many changes are happening so fast in our lives right now due to Covid-19.  Even as we are beginning the integration back into our world, aware of social distancing, wearing our masks, and making all the protective adjustments to our norm as we understand them, we are looking at the possibility of another resurgence of this virus, and returning to even more isolation.

As you know I have stepped out of my comfort zone (a single, professional business owner) into the world of dating – for the first time in a number of years.  This has provided me with both a very steep new learning curve and a rich opportunity for growth, similar to the new learning curve and growth that we are each experiencing with C-19.

I’m learning some new things from my dating experiences.  One I would like to elaborate on this week is that of loss.  I recently had a fulfilling developing relationship come to an unexpected abrupt end – that I did not see coming.  I cannot help but see the similarities between the end of this relationship and what many of us have lost as a result of isolation and the resulting adjustments we are now making in learning to live with this new world-wide virus, which we don’t yet fully understand.

Here is what I have to share with you from this relationship loss.

When we are having a break-up with somebody we tend to focus on “missing the person” vs. missing what the person brought into our life or missing what we enjoyed about the relationship.  In recovering my balance, my Middle Pillar, which has taken about a month, I shifted my focus from “I miss this person” to reviewing what he represented in my life, and brought to my life that I was missing.  And of course, included in this list were things like companionship, deep communication, spending time with someone with who there is mutual attraction….  You get the picture.

I discovered that when I focused on the specifics of what I missed (vs. the specific person), I soon was able to discern what aspects were about missing the other person and what work I still need to do for myself (to fill in missing pieces).  It is so seductive and easy to focus on “missing the person,” and waste a lot of time and energy in that experience vs. really discovering what experiences and qualities they brought to our life that we value and feel incomplete without.  Invariably, some of these qualities we can fulfill ourselves, and some do require another person!

Both these pieces of information are equally important.  First, I have proceeded to fulfill the qualities and experiences I can on my own.  Second, I now have an even better grasp on what it is I am looking for and what really fulfills me – ‘Know Thyself’.  And as a result, have been able to further fine-tune the qualities of who I am seeking as a partner – realistically.  When I stopped focusing on the man who was gone, and instead focused on all the wonderful things I had experienced in his presence, I started feeling a sense of relief.  It’s not about him, because other men can do what he did – can bring to me what he brought.  It can be any number of other people.

This is reflective of the unbalanced energy in Malkuth (the vice) – Inertia.  When we start to think that it’s only a specific person who can bring us these things to our life, we are dealing with the vice of Malkuth in relationships.  We are now stuck in inertia – the aspect of physics reflecting an object in motion stays in motion – and we keep digging into the pain, the loss, the lack, etc. vs. what did I enjoy so much that I am now really missing?  This approach to recovering from the loss of someone who you enjoyed puts you back in the driver’s seat, as well as helps you know who you are and what you are seeking at a deeper level.

I decided to share this with you because I feel the same is true about all that we have lost and are losing in the experience of dealing with Covid-19.  We are re-emerging into a significantly changed world and environment.

What have you have lost that you value?  For example, I really miss the experience of dining out, the experience of shopping and browsing at my favorite stores – seeing in person what is new (vs. purchasing on line), the experience of feeling safe and free to meet new people – either as clients or as dates – and welcome them into my sphere.  Applying what I learned from my recent dating experience, I have to ask myself, what is underlying the physical experience I am missing?   What are the benefits and qualities that these missing experiences bring to my life?  Once you start to identify the absent benefits and qualities, you can now begin to identify creative ways of fulfilling them in your life.

And therein lies the answer to regaining balance, equilibrium and peace of mind – the Middle Pillar – in your life as we learn to live with this pandemic.  It is the difference between surviving and thriving.  This is a worthwhile endeavor that will guarantee a new level of Know Thyself, and result in creating new, innovative ways to ensure your needs and desires are fulfilled.

I am holding you in my heart.


Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

The Middle Pillar Today

The Middle Pillar has recently taken on an entirely new meaning in my life, which I would like to share with you this week.

Those of you who study and work with the Kabbalah know that the Middle Pillar on the Tree of Life is also known as the Pillar of Equilibrium.  It is the unifier, if you will, of the opposing sides of the Tree – force (archetypal masculine energies) and form (archetypal feminine energies).  It balances and embraces both approaches of the side pillars – unifying our faith and spirituality with our intellect and mind.

In our current climate of political unrest we are observing many people express emotion, attempting to gain a foothold on a new and unsolid foundation that has not been built by them.  While at the same time, we see these same actions, literally turning other people’s dreams and solid foundations into ashes.  One thing that life has taught me is that change is a consistent in this life.  But this current rate of change is breathtakingly rapid.  And alarmingly so for many parts of our established society.

We need change – that is certainly true.  There is so much that is not right.  So much that is not equitable.  So much that is not just.  And we don’t need to refer to skin color to make this point.  If you have been following my conversations, you already know the important factor I am going to talk about – the crux of the issue as I see it – is how we each treat ourselves.

The continuum of unkindness leading to bullying leading to brutality, and the fear that instigates this behavior begins within each of us and how we treat ourselves, which then replicates out into our world.  It does not begin outside of us.  When most people really hear and recognize their own self-dialogue when for example, they feel they have made an error, it is beyond harsh – in fact so much worse than they would every talk to another person.  Although this is a small example – and most people do this multiple times every day to themselves, with little or no awareness.  How we treat ourselves (and our inner child) cannot be changed by a political system, by a socio-economic system, by an employer, by a health-care system…  You get the picture.  If we want true lasting change, as adults, we have to change within ourselves.

In order to make this inner change, we each have to honestly re-examine ourself, our behavior and our results in our life.  What is working and what is not – by our own standards, not by what the world tells us:

  • Am I fulfilled?
  • Do I have joy?
  • Do I have peace of mind?
  • Am I able to sustain health?
  • Do I give and receive love in friendships, with family, with my significant other?
  • Am I a contributing member to society in a meaningful way to me?

We have become a world of avoiders and doers.  Avoiding what we don’t want to deal with and doing everything and anything other than what really matters.  Sure, a lot of us are really good people who do a lot of good things for other people.  But has that been enough?  Based on results, apparently not.  And, based on results, apparently our collective focus has been in the wrong place.  I would say to you that as a world-wide culture we have not been interested in empowering people to be, do, have their best.  Rather, we have created a system of havoc – the have’s and have not’s – and as a result of mis-placed guilt and misunderstanding, we have enabled the the very people we have wanted to assist, resulting in their disempowerment!  We have limited their ability to grow and become empowered humans.  Many of these same people are now demanding that they become empowered – but at someone else’s expense – the only way they know how!  And as the peaceful demonstrations are taking place, so much is being destroyed that constitute the foundation, dreams, hard work, and livelihood of others.

Ok – these are my thoughts – I own them, and I acknowledge that this is at best an intrinsically basic version of what really is.

Again, I want to bring this back to you and me, and our lives and what needs to change.  We all want change – we see it needs to happen.  But change from ‘guilt’ is not sustainable.  I suggest that we each ask and answer the following questions:

  • What do I need to change in my life?
  • What “stone or stones are yet left unturned” that I know need to be addressed for me to be more truly who I am meant to be/become?
  • What do I need to sacrifice that no longer serves me – vs. asking someone else to sacrifice?
  • Where have I been enabling myself to not be all of who I am?  (No one can change that for you except you.)
  • What would my inner child (or rebellious teenager) be demonstrating about if I would/could only hear and give it voice?

And this is where we come back to the Middle Pillar – the place of equilibrium.  The pendulum would seem to be swinging wildly and erratically right now – both socially and politically – to the left and to the right.  I know that many citizens feel this adjustment long over-due.  I’m not contesting the timing.  What I am stating is, that for this pendulum to come into balance – even a new, much needed balance –enough of us must find the Middle Pillar in our own lives right now.  What/where is that place in your life where you still do not have equilibrium?  I know mine.  It was just recently clarified for me – I had a new, wonderfully fulfilling, romantic relationship suddenly, inexplicably, end.  No fault, no blame, just over.  Breathtakingly, and painfully, over.  Much like what is happening to a lot of the familiar world that we have known – gone – never to return.  Almost overnight!

As I turned inside to restore some peace of mind for my sadness, and to help understand if possible “what in the world was happening in my world” and “what my part was in this”, what I have come to understand is that women in particular need to understand how to re-balance the Middle Pillar in our lives – from our full feminine aspect.  We need to balance the Middle Pillar our grief, in our loss, in our joy, in our creation, in our co-creation, with and without our partners.  We as women, must balance and rebalance our Middle Pillar.  As we do this both our inner worlds will stabilize, regaining sanity, stability, and peace.  And this will be reflected to all outside of us.

I invite each of you to focus with me on staying in balance with the Middle Pillar.  I trust you will find the results almost immediate, as I have.  If you would like assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As well, I will be premiering for the first time online the 7-week series The Tree of Health, Vitality and Wholeness: The Art of Thriving vs. Surviving, exploring Kabbalah, what it is and what it has to say about having more vitality and true health in your life.  This teaching and conversation will be very helpful as we re-enter life and work after the period of isolation.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Moving From The Defense Strategies of the Inner Child To The Individuated Sovereign of the Spiritual Adult

Last week, I found myself looking at all the aspects of Covid-19 that do not make sense.  While I’m not going to list these here, if you would like then, please contact me directly and I will be glad to send it to you.

The list of what is not making sense has been accumulating for the past few months.  This in turn has created and raised a condition of cognitive dissonance, leading to structural tension, and confusion resulting in fear.  When courage is used to explore this current environment, it can provide a fertile arena for the evolution of thought, insight, and belief.  Courage in this sense, refers to action in the face of fear.  And a tremendous amount of fear has been created through the dissolution of trust in our authorities and associated governments.

So here goes – here is my humble point of view.  Please take it for what it is worth.

I want to be clear: The fear is a result of the challenge between our childhood survival strategies developed as defense mechanisms and the individuated adult that needs to be emancipated into sovereignty.  In other words, we must take responsibility for the fear – it is ours and when we take responsibility, we are then able to start responding with courageous productivity, vs. victimization!

The two key questions we have to ask as the courageous adult:

  • Is the established guard here to protect or to control and dominate? and 
  • What do we need to do if we value true freedom?

The continued environment of separation, isolation, and lockdown in the face of surmounting questions, while our economic foundations are being challenged has created a veritable “powder keg” that various personality styles have finally begun responding and/or reacting to.  Finally, at the end of last week, the fear led to demonstrations and peaceful protesting, which quickly erupted into rioting, violence, and even anarchy in cities across the United States.

As I watched the reports coming in over the weekend with mounting sadness for what was happening in our country, I started thinking about the Hermetic axiom, as within, so without, and as without; which led me to reflect and question if what is unhealed for us as adults is now being reflected in our society.

I want to say that I am thankful that attention and awareness is being brought to social injustices that are happening in our country AND I am not happy about the behavior that has brought these awarenesses to the forefront.   No person deserves to be treated unfairly, judged unfairly, be treated less than, abused in any way.  Period.

Please understand that I am not advocating in any way at this time that you disobey the current local, state, and national laws.  What I am suggesting is that you look deeply at what is happening and decide for yourself what is true justice and mercy and what is true severity and imbalance.  In order to accurately do that, we have to start looking at our own personal history, the messages we received in our early formative years, and how they continue to affect each of us today.

Dysfunctional, harmful, abusive cycles and as well as ineffective co-dependent solutions must be changed.  Now.  If we don’t change them, then history will continue to repeat itself.  In order to transform these behaviors though, healing is required.

How to heal?  In order for the macrocosm to heal, the microcosm has to heal.  In other words, the country cannot heal until as a whole until its citizens heal.  We vote, we can protest (if we chose), we have numerous options available to us in this country of freedom, AND until we look at and heal the current hurtful patterns that are embodied and running within ourselves, things will not change in our world!  Until enough of us sort out these same patterns within of the wounded inner child, our country will not change.  Only a degree of change can be legislated.  True, real, sustainable change has to happen within each individual as a result of his/her willingness to heal, change, grow, adjust, educate, and embrace compassion and loving-kindness for self and others.

To begin with, let’s look now at the continuum:
demonstrating leading to peaceful protesting
leading to rioting (acting out),
leading to anarchy.
And let’s overlay this continuum in our own lives and our individual behavior where the unhealed inner child is involved, still influencing us and our decisions as an adult.

To Address This, Some Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • What part of you/me needs to be heard?
  • What part of you/me is on the verge of acting out/rioting?
  • What part of you/me does not have healthy boundaries and/or does not know when it is time to stop in order to not hurt ourselves, someone else, or someone else’s property?
  • What are you/I complaining about?
  • Who or what are you/I blaming?
  • What is your/my internal racial practice?  or
  • What is the racial discrimination you perpetuate with/on yourself? or
  • When, and where are you selectively applying good behavior (like selectively applying the rules of the law) to yourself?  When are you using selective application on yourself?
  • What are the acts of violence that you perpetuate on yourself?  (I find this happens for so many people when they perceive they have made a mistake – their self-talk is often quite ruthless and unforgiving!)
  • Where are you socially unjust with yourself?  (Again, I find so many people are very harsh with themselves when they perceive they have made an error – they are much harder on themselves than they would be on someone else for the same perceived error!)
  • What parts of yourself are you not able to trust equally?
  • Who/what are you aligning yourself with? and Is it worthy of you?

These questions are meant to help you (and me) uncover the unhealed and unaddressed wounds of an imperfect childhood and this temporary state of being we call “life”.

The answer is not about political uprising, rather its about political inrising.  I’m suggesting that you uprise by going within yourself and find the incongruencies before focusing outward.  Once we have recognized inconsistency within, addressed, and healed, then we are in a much better place to make decisions to help others heal and address the world’s needs.

What happens if we never reclaim ourselves from the wounded child imprint? What happens when the feelings surface when we reconsider allegiance to the big, looming authorities that we imagine could crush us if we don’t comply? This is the pattern of intergenerational trauma we see running through the lineage of humanity now, where unexamined trauma leads to a state of dissociation from self and intuition.  And the resulting outrage that the authorities are not taking care of us!  And indeed, it appears it may be true – it seems they don’t know how to!

Bringing Our Shadow to Light – It Is Time!

It’s possible that in this moment in time, our shadows are coming to light, (individually and collectively) meaning we are experiencing opportunities to see where and how we might be holding the very same energy of those we judge and condemn.  We are seeing what we are capable of doing when we don’t feel taken care of …in other words, the ways in which we unconsciously derive a sense of power through our need to be right, be in control, control others, and to otherwise imagine that we are important or superior to anyone else.  When we look at these areas of our life and relationship (wherever there is conflict in one’s life), we will be given the opportunity to own it or deny it.  When we own it, we see that the “enemies” in power are representatives of the suppressed parts of our collective and individual unconscious — the shadow within each of us that is disconnected from our heart.  We can simply choose to stop feeding that unconsciousness by telling the truth and staying always in our heart as we allow our awareness to expand and expand and expand.

Can You Trust Yourself?

When your body gets clear, it tells you the truth.  You will know – either you are healthy, or you are not.  You know how you feel.  Your “gut” tells you.  There is a quiet calm, a “knowing” – from the core of your being.  Take some time, give all your emotions that are up right now time to settle, and then check in – you will know the truth – your truth.

Does Your Truth Matter?

It may be an important time in human history to voice your truth.  A time to dismantle the illusion that only experts speak.  Do your research for the facts – the real facts, not just what agree with how you think and feel, and then find your voice, and share it without needing anyone to agree with you or support you.  Recognize that while it may be only your truth, that your truth matters – you don’t need to convince anyone – because it’s your truth.

What Role Does Faith Play Right Now?

First, there is not a knight on a white horse who is riding to save you/us.  There is not a politician, president, doctor, parent, leader who can make everything right for you.  You are the authority – either you are the spiritual adult in your life (or you are not).  This is an inside job for each of us.  It is time to adult, step up, step into your power, resolve your internal and external conflicts with radical self-acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness, and begin to explore what it would be to recognize that the system is just the system.  And that while it can always be enhanced – it will never be perfected.  That is the nature of systems.

Can we move beyond external forms of government and the illusion that we need to be protected?  That we don’t know how to care for and heal ourselves?  It may be time to find out, and it will require giving up all hope of being rescued, and finding that deep faith, trust, and commitment to supervising, governing, and leading oneself.  This can only be fully accomplished by addressing and healing the wounds sustained in our early life. as we embrace an ongoing commitment of becoming our own best self (using ourself and God as the only point of reference), regardless of everything else that is happening around us.

The truth is that we wake up when we are ready, and not one second sooner.  As we do, we discover that we need one other, to share the path, into the vast evolving universe and the ultimate experience of freedom, joy, and beauty – our eternal birthright.

Where To Go From Here

The seven ancient Mystery Schools have been assisting people to their greatness for thousands of years on this planet.  Today the Modern Mystery School is in over 35 countries world-wide, offering private sessions and teachings to help people find their path and assist them on their journey to enlightenment and actualization.

As we are now moving back into integration with society, may I suggest a few recommendations to support you – please contact me if you are interested about why I am specifically recommending these:

  • Renew your Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation as soon as possible (in person session)
  • Receive the Blood Healing and the Hermetic Path Clearing – they are particularly helpful right now (in person session)
  • The Empower Thyself Class and Initiation, Universal Kabbalah Ascension Class Series, and Healers Academy, are all classes that will enhance your ability to adapt and function in our now rapidly changing social structure.  (in person classes)
  • Sacred Geometry 1, Astral Travel, Journeys of the Spirit, Sacred Geometry 2, Sacred Geometry 3 (in person classes – all scheduled or being scheduled at this time – stay tuned)
  • Reclaiming Your Golden Child (private session created by me and can be done online)
  • The Tree of Health, Vitality & Wholeness: Thriving vs. Surviving – Conversations with Kabbalah (online 7 consecutive classes – scheduled to begin Thursdays, June 25 @ 6:30 pm and Mondays, June 29 @ noon)
  • A Day with Quan Yin (class developed, written and authored by me – stay tuned – will be offered online)

Please contact me if you are interested in information about or would like to book any of the above recommendations.  If you have been initiated by a Guide other than me, and they offer any of the above services and classes, please reach out to them – they are ready and waiting to serve you.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

The Lost Art of Touch

Reach Out & Touch Someone

As we move through yet another month of isolation, whether it be voluntary, or government imposed depending on our governing bodies, I find myself contemplating touch.  The nature of touch – both physical and non-physical – and how much people are missing touching and being touched.  For instance, if you are a hugger, air hugs just don’t get it, and although 6 feet with a mask keeps us safe, it’s just too far away and far too impersonal!I measure as a high introvert on the Myers Briggs test, and yet, touch and expression of relationship warmth is very important to me.  I did not fully recognize how important this is for me until we entered into enforced separation.  Due to the nature of my work, I am with people constantly – sometimes a lot of people.  While I don’t have a high need to be with many people, I do thrive on being with “my people”.  And when I am deprived of this ability to communicate in person with touch – my voice, my eyes, my expression, my body language, and yes physical touch – I have noticed that some of life’s little things are taking more effort to manage.

I find myself wondering: have we become a bit lazy, relying on hand shaking, arms around shoulders, placing a hand on someone’s arm, hugging, and other forms of physical touch with “our friends, colleagues, family and favorite people” instead of verbally communicating our caring?!  As well, it seems important to acknowledge here that has become quite a risk in our current society to express sincere caring, especially between men and women in the workplace.  (Another topic saved for a later time perhaps).

In our fast-paced, busy world with the conveniences of modern technology, we have come to rely on our phone, text messages, social media, all forms of on-line platforms, and video calls to nurture and maintain a relationship.  But is that really even possible – long term?  And now, finding ourselves in this time of separation, stripped down to the essentials, coming face to face with ourselves and who we are, it seems more important than ever that we find new ways to reach out and touch those we care for.  So, how to do that effectively?  How to touch someone when we cannot physically touch.

What is the art of touch, that has been lost in our modern day of texting, network meetings, on-line calls, and constant demand for face to with the screen?  And is it retrievable – perhaps more than retrievable as this singular time on the planet ushers us forward into a new world?  Is it possible that this time of separation has things to teach us about ourselves and our meaningful relationships that could help us expand the art of touch to a new and even more enlightened state?  We have a unique opportunity, especially now, in the current culture, to discover and re-discover what we have lost or misplaced of ourselves in our attempt to keep up and use the luxury and science of modern technology.

I believe we are being presented in this moment, world-wide, with the time to discover and develop a new level of touch intelligence quotient (touch IQ).  If I am correct, then we would be wise to look at what needs to be in place for us to use this time to expand our touch IQ.  And in posing this, we have to ask ourselves, what is the foundation in our lives that would ensure understanding, growth, and expansion in our ability to “reach out and touch someone” – perhaps evolving the lost art of touch into the new art of touch?

Suggested foundation for the new lost art of touch – Commit to:
1.    Wake up and live life awake and alive
2.    Honesty and transparency (first with self and then with others)
3.    Emotional integrity (first with self and then with others)
4.    Trust and trustworthiness (first with self and then with others)
5.    Health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual = Commitment and follow-through on exquisite self-care
6.    A desire to grow and expand, with an eye always towards fulfilling your destiny
7.    Willingness to share with others – an attitude of inclusion vs. exclusion
8.    Respect and healthy boundaries (first with self and then with others)
9.    The ability to love and forgive and express love and forgiveness (first with self and then with others)
10.    Joy (not just happiness which is transitory), but joy, which is sustainable and lasting.

From this foundation, and remember, we are never perfect, we are in the process of living life alive, risking, making mis-steps, and learning from them; from this foundation, we are now prepared to reach out and touch, in new and innovative ways.  I mean really touch, touch deeply, touch meaningfully, always with deep respect; first for ourselves and then the other person.

In our current environment, unless you are with a significant other, child, or very close friend, touch is going to be expressed through your voice (tone, pitch, tenor, quality), your facial expressions, your body language, and your eyes – yes, your eyes – they say so much, as they are the physical aspect through which the soul and quality of light is expressed.  It is important in meaningful touch that everything in your expression is congruent.  For instance, is the message you are delivering congruent with your body language and facial expressions?  I can’t tell you how many times I see someone shaking their head no, while at the same time I hear them saying something positive!  This is incongruent, almost always a lack of transparency, even a lack of honesty!  And most often I don’t interpret it as this person is lying to me, rather, I see it more about their own lack of acknowledgement about what their truth really is!

I invite you to step into a new mode of being, now that you have had some time to adjust to this isolation with Covid-19,  and experienced your life stripped down in so many surprising and unexpected ways, offering you the opportunity to really see aspects of yourself not readily available before.  Begin the re-integration into your new world by establishing new, creative, respectful, enlightened ways of reaching out and touching someone.  As you bring your whole being and soul into the equation, touch them with that – the honesty and love of who you are.  Do not be afraid to share this deeper part of you.  Our world needs it right now.  And more important, we each need to share this right now with the important people in our lives.

Laughing, talking, sharing our fears, our loss, our pain, and our joy – celebrating all aspects of the beauty of life and being alive, regardless of the current circumstances.  As you reach out and touch authentically, honestly, fully, tactfully – the vibration of this energy will spread into the world around you and change the environments in which you live.  This my friends is true alchemy and you have the power within you to do this in your own life, affecting the world you live in for the better.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you about how you are implementing the New Lost Art of Touching.

Talking, laughing, sharing our fears, our loss, our pain, and our joy.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


As humans, we believe that we have the right to know. And, in fact, we are educated to know, and then expected to know in order to attain and maintain employment; indeed, in order to succeed in life.

And yet, I have recently been asking myself, what is it that I know? Like you, I can answer this question; as I know quite a bit in certain areas. And yet, what do we really know?

First, let me say that I am not questioning, nor am I challenging the value of a good education. Education is important – as is the ability to integrate that education with life skills – sometimes called street smarts. I am also not questioning the value of the ancient decree “Know Thyself”. This knowledge, understanding, and wisdom is imperative to living the right life.

What I became aware a while ago, is that I don’t know what I don’t know. Many of you have heard me say this for years – for those of you who know me, it is not new. What is new, is that I am now dating for the first time in number of years, and am applying this statement to dating.

One of the hardest things for me about dating is that almost always with another person involved there are things you don’t know – especially at first. And depending on how the relationship progresses or doesn’t, there are things you will never know. For instance, why it is ending? I mean why it is really ending – not the surface stuff, but what is really going on with the two psyches involved.

We are all quite adept at making up a plausible “storyline” about the resulting outcome, when things don’t go the way we anticipate with another person. She has intimacy issues, he has not completed his last relationship, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam. In fact, when we don’t know, we have a tendency to label the result with a story that makes sense to us (based on our experiences), and move on. Right? And this is not just in dating.

I decided, that as new men moved through my life I was going to continue moving forward with no stories about them! I have concluded that since I do not really know them, that any story I put on the situation is just a spin, based on me, and might have no true basis in reality. Sure, I’m pretty astute, even aware, and a somewhat trained psychic. All that being equal, I still don’t know that person, and my spin/story is just that – not based on fact, rather based on some fragment of my past experience, or present figment of imagination, or projection into the future.

With this in mind, I have decided to LIVE IN THE QUESTION. No story, no fear, no spin, no solution. This means no immediate resolution that lets my emotional and mental bodies “off the hook”. When I honestly don’t know, I respond with just the simple statement – I don’t know what happened. And, I have to tell you – that in itself, has been a big learning curve. It’s not easy, because we are SUPPOSED TO KNOW! Right? If we don’t know, apparently we have not done something right!

Well, here’s what I have to share with you. When two people are involved, we cannot always know what is going on with the other person. Indeed, sometimes they don’t even know! Which leads me to know that my choice to live with the question might be more honest than always seeking to know why it didn’t work out, or what happened for him, etc. etc. etc.

I have discovered that as I live in the question, it seems to always bring me back to me. Am I who I want to be? Am I the best version of myself? And honestly, isn’t that what its about?

Not knowing is not easy. And yet, its honest. Its authentic. Next time you don’t have enough information and you decide to “diagnose” a situation or person in your life just so you can be comfortable, I invite you to live in the question.

And please, let me know how it unfolds for you.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


Amid a world-wide pandemic, we have the opportunity to experience some things that we otherwise might never encounter.  I want to share with you what I am learning from this challenging time:

  • Social distancing doesn’t mean I have to be distant.
  • Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation.
  • Isolating doesn’t mean I have to be isolated.
  • Separating physically doesn’t mean I have to separate mentally, emotionally, or spiritually
  • Not being able to do our regular work, doesn’t mean I can’t work and be productive
  • Losing large parts of my established routines doesn’t mean I can’t establish new (perhaps even more meaningful or effective) routines
  • Having a lot of extra time on my hands doesn’t mean I need to waste time
  • Experiencing significant economic/financial challenges doesn’t mean that I am economically/financially challenged
  • Worrying about a situation doesn’t remedy or help the situation
  • Losing my normal means of being productive doesn’t mean I can’t be productive
  • Not going to work every day doesn’t mean I can’t get dressed and ready for every day.

Traffic is nearly gone
Gas is more affordable
Bills are extended
Kids are home with their families
Parents are home and able to spend time with and take care of their families
Fast food is being replace by home cooked meals
Hectic schedules are being replaced with naps, rest, and relaxation
Gardens are being planted
Animal shelters are nearly empty
The air is cleaner
The world is quieter
People are very conscious about hygiene and health
Doctors, nurses and health care professionals are being praised and recognized instead of athletes and celebrities

And we now have TIME, finally to SLOW DOWN, and SMELL the ROSES.  

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


Dan Patrick, The Texas Lieutenant Governor, made this statement a few weeks ago, which you can imagine, has drawn significant criticism. Of course, he was talking about our current national lockdown situation and how it is affecting business – particularly small businesses – as well as the mental and emotional health of individuals, and ensuring that our solution is not worse than the problem.

I’ve been rolling this provocative statement around in my mind now for several weeks. Is there something (or some things) more important than life? If so, what are they?

For me, the answer is possibly yes. And, one of them that is at least equally important to life, is quality of life.

We are given our first breath coming out of the womb by our Creator as well as continuing breaths and ensuing life. At some point, perhaps age of discernment, or age of maturity, we each become responsible for the quality of our life. Unfortunately for most of us, and no one really alerted us to this fact – you are responsible for both the quality of your life, as well as how your life goes!! No one even told us that this assignment was one day imminent!

It is no wonder then, that so many people are not ready or willing to really and honestly fully accept this obligation! We were not primed or even equipped for this hard fact – it wasn’t in the instruction manual we received with the first breath. Ok, what Instruction Manual? You know the Instruction Manual – for how to be successful as a human. I didn’t find mine until I was 50 years old and began working with the Universal Kabbalah! Hopefully many of you discovered your manual much sooner!!!???!!!

Kabbalah tells us there are 10 aspects to life and quality of life. When the energy is balanced in these aspects, we live a prosperous, abundant life overflowing with joy, as we fulfill our life purpose (aka destiny); while on the way, we make a significant contribution to our fellow man. When the energy is not balanced in these 10 aspects, the result is less than illustrious, and we are at risk of living the wrong life – and certainly not reaching the fulfillment of our destiny.

Fast forward to 2020 and Covid-19. A world-wide pandemic which has millions of people on our planet back to basics, living life moment by moment, in our homes, most of us not working, without the normal guarantees and even worse, worrying about losing the physical foundation that each of us has worked so diligently to establish.

So now what – what remains – where are we today without the all the norms we are so accustomed to? First, we have life left – today – without guarantee of tomorrow, next week or next month. Well, there never were any guarantees, were there? Although most of us were not really in touch with fact that until the last 4-5 weeks. Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to come face to face with the fragility of life as well as the quality of how we are living it! And we each have the ability to define and even redefine what quality of our life means.

We may desire to go back to the old normal, but I suspect that is fantasy thinking. I suggest that we would be wise if we decide to cultivate a new normal – an updated status quo that allows for flexibility and agility in our thinking. I know, it’s not familiar, but nothing is right now so why not take this time to dive deep, and redesign your life to reflect the quality you are meant to live? Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

What needs to transform? What do you need to change in your mind to create a new, solid, adaptable Foundation? I for one, enjoy and am fostering more mental agility, more mental flexibility, more mental openness, more mental curiosity, more mental graciousness, more self honesty, more compassion, more loving-kindness, and yes, even more beauty in my mind.

Are there more important things than living? Ultimately, you are the only one who can answer this question for yourself.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


You may have heard me say this – we have choice.  We always have choice.  It is part of being human.  But now, as the choices are becoming more limited/restricted and the resulting stress is pandemic, it may feel like there is little or no choice.  Or, we may recognize the choices, but it is difficult to decide between them because none of the options seems much better than the other.  Sound familiar?

I will say to you, never has choice been more important to you and your quality of life.  Why is this?  Because I am literally observing people do one of two things:
~ Either choose to make the best of things, be positive, bring love and compassion for themselves and others into their daily lives, thereby reducing and managing stress, or
~ Choose to be disillusioned, upset, becoming increasingly worried stressed about things that are beyond their control.
It is important to understand that actively exercising timely choice in in our lives, results in enhanced discernment about what we can control and manage and what we cannot.

Let me bottom line this for you, from my perspective.  The only thing we can truly control is ourselves.  And when have true self-understanding, we can gain control in our lives, resulting in our ability to respond vs. react.  This allows the best choice to become lucidly clear (even when none of the options seem viable or favorable).

We may not always like our choices – AND we always have choice.  When we consistently, consciously exercise choice, we experience feelings of freedom and empowerment. Remember no choice is a choice.  Not making a choice and letting things just happen, nearly always results in the experience of disempowerment, discouragement, feeling loss of control, and overwhelming stress.

Not making a choice is a choice!  Another thing I observe in this area of making choices is that some people have a tendency to analyze and gather information so that they can make the best possible choice.  This often becomes a stalling strategy, due to concern or fear of making the wrong choice.  For people who find themselves here, I recommend an internal self-chat and setting a deadline by when to consciously decide.

Yes, there are always ensuing results from whatever choice we make, but once we make a decision and put it into motion, we have the opportunity to gain additional information about that choice.  If new information indicates it was not the best one, we can make a new choice!  It’s honestly that simple!  Unfortunately, our ‘perfectionist’ often gets involved, and slows down the decision making process.

When we don’t exercise conscious choice, we can rapidly move into survival, vs. the ability to thrive.  Survival is related to fear – flight or fight – the old brain response.  And even though many of us in our current unfamiliar environment are paring down to a new restricted level of living, we do not have to reside in fear – and, it is a choice.

When we use tools to keep our brains in the cognitive area and the pre-frontal cortex, this allows us to make good decisions.  Fear on the other hand puts us into the animal state.  And when the fear crops up, because it does (and it will continue to in this current environment filled with tough choices), it is important that you go back to what you know work.  Keep things as simple and easy as possible right now – breathing exercises, meditation, exercise, eating well, restful sleep, …  You already know what it is for you!

Making wise, consistent (daily), small choices builds a positive continuum for your life that will a new solid foundation.  Especially right now when so many of us are in some form of isolation and severely restricted as to who we see in person, who we can touch physically, and what we do both for work to generate income and for pleasure and relaxation.

I totally agree with giving ourselves a week or two to relax and unwind.  But after that, then what?  I know if I don’t make the effort to:

  • eat well,
  • exercise regularly,
  • wake up well rested,
  • consciously breathe
  • look my best,
  • keep my environment clean and tidy,

then my spirits are not nearly as positive as when I do make this effort.  I like looking at myself when I look good – its that simple.  I love my environment when it looks good.  Its easier to manage the daily stressors when I eat well and get enough rest.  My whole physical system works much more efficiently when I take full breaths.  We as humans are visual and respond to our environments – both internally and externally.

  • What are the small choices you can make to enhance each day this week?
  • What choices will nurture your soul and your physical being right now?
  • What can you do hour by hour that will assist you in knowing you have had a productive day when you fall asleep tonight?
  • Projects you have never had the time to start (or finish)?
  • Organization that you have been putting off?
  • People you have not connected with for some time?
  • Who have you not told that you admire them, appreciate them, love them …. (fill in the blank)?
  • What do you love doing that you can do while you are at home and not working?

There has never been a better time than now!

Have a wonderful week, full of conscious, effective, life-enhancing choices to proactively lower stress.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


Like so many of you I have been settling down at home and learning how to manage and do my share in slowing down the rapid world-wide spread of COVID-19.

I find it so interesting that to manage this virus we must now isolate – which is generally not recommended in any situation when people need to be united in the positive.  And yet, at the dawning of the new paradigm, we are being required to do just that – isolate – while at the same time we must summon faith and grace to unite, as we face the unknown.

We have a choice – we can unite in our fear, we can unite in our distress over our loss of income, our unilateral loss of freedom, our loss of community, our immanent loss of friends and family – the list goes on….  Or, we can rise higher and (to quote a friend of mine) ‘fly above’ the consuming cloud of fear and anxiety, and chose to love.

I have a few things I’d like to share with you this week about love and faith.

First, it is as easy to live from a place of faith and gratitude as it is to live from a place of fear.  To do this though, requires conscious choice.  When you live from a place of gratitude and peace, you can draw upon peace and then you have faith!  One leads to the other.  When we are able to consciously (and collectively) thank God/the Universe for what we have, we gather momentum for the positive.  As we do this, God/the Universe gives us grace for now and for today – not tomorrow.  As we are grateful for today, it expands into grace for tomorrow.  When we work to develop this consistency we ensure the foundation of on-going grace in our lives.

Second, our capacity to love is limited only by how much we love ourselves!  Although we often behave opposite, in truth, we cannot love another more than we love ourselves – just as we cannot respect another more than we respect ourselves.  Otherwise is it false and disingenuous love.  Obviously, there is a lot of the disingenuous masquerading as the real thing out there!

Third, it appears that COVID-19 attacks the immune system.  The key to the immune energies is held in the heart and the heart chakra, which also manage our healing ability and ability to love.  So I say, “Thank God that Love, Faith and Gratitude cannot be quarantined!”  And in this, we have the keys to staying healthy, vital and strong.  LOVE.  Self-love, so we can love others, unconditionally as much as it is possible for conditional, imperfect humans to do this.  Ceaselessly, engaging in acts of love.  First for ourselves and then for others.  And I submit, this is part of our true work in this imposed isolation – to go within and begin to release and forgive those areas where we do not love ourselves fully, wholly and unconditionally.

If this feels like too large of a task right now, I understand.  Begin with gratitude.  Gratitude for whatever you have to be grateful.  It will expand. As you express gratitude, you will start to relax and breath.  Your physical body will respond almost immediately, resulting in a higher ability to function.  The benefits of expressing gratitude and positive thinking are so well-documented that I am not going to elaborate here on either the science or the metaphysics – AND I do want to invite you to practice gratitude every day.  Simply stated, gratitude will open a pathway to expanding your peace of mind.  Expand gratitude, reduce fear.  It’s that simple – and its your choice.

As your gratitude expands – true gratitude, expressed from your heart, your peace of mind expands and faith begins to take the place where fear once resided.  As faith grows, so does your ability to think and function at your optimal.

COVID-19 is bringing us into the now – into the moment – in a way that has perhaps never happened before on the planet.  Nearly everyone world-wide is sharing in some version of this experience.  In the now.  What an amazing moment.

What do you want to do with this moment?  It’s up to you.  It’s up to each of us.

As we are being asked to stay home through April and now into May, I’d like to invite you to join me for a series of Meditations for Health, Balance & Peace of Mind, which I am offering on Zoom twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 pm PDT.  These meditations will last approximately 1 hour, after which I will answer questions for ½ hour.  This service is complimentary – no charge (donations will be accepted if anyone choses).

During this time we will also be publishing our Newsletters more often.  Perhaps as often as weekly.  So we invite you to stay tuned if these conversations are of interest to you.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


We are alive and functioning in a very interesting time on the planet.  In the face of all of this, two things are vitally important.  First, it is imperative that we do not forget to celebrate and be grateful daily for all levels of our aliveness and health.  Second, that we do not forget to function at our highest level.  I say this because right now it is rather tempting to succumb to fear.  

Today we are facing the Coronavirus and its ensuing debilitating effects on our world, our people, our economy, and our existence.  In the last few days, each of our lives has been changed in ways we could not have imagined a few weeks ago.  And I suspect this is going to continue for several months.

Fear is everywhere, and some fear that is coming up has merit, like: do I have enough supplies (including food, water, and necessary perishables); will I be able to pay my rent/mortgage, car payment, bills; what about my job; what about my older parents/family members/friends who have higher risk factors; and the list goes on.  Almost overnight, we are in a new reality that is affecting us individually and collectively on the planet.  

The best way to handle fear – true fear, real fear – is to look it in the eye, face it, and handle it.  So do the best you can to ensure you have the food, water and perishables you need for the next 4 weeks or so.  Now more than ever, take care of your health – follow the guidelines of healthy food, restful sleep, exercise – although you are probably not going to the gym for your workout.  If you have been part of the classes with the Mystery School, the time is now to fully engage with your rituals, prayer and meditation – not from a place of neediness, but from a place of establishing and solidifying your foundation and strength in life.  And most of all, be honest about where you feel the fear and face it head on – do what you can to be prepared, which helps diminish the fear.  Allow yourself to feel the fear and move through it so you can be proactive and move into action.  Develop a plan and a 2nd plan and a 3rd plan if need be.  Having a solid, viable plan with a backup plan to manage things in your life almost always alleviates fear.

Here at The Living Light Foundation we are moving forward.  I am not giving in to the fear that’s currently out there in the world.  I am acknowledging it, dancing with it, and harnessing the fear-based energy to accomplish specific things in my life.  Because we are being asked to not go out, not meet in groups, etc. (stores and restaurants are closed), this is an excellent time to catch up in my life and business, reorganize, and work on the projects that I have been too busy for.  It is also a great time to set new goals, recalibrating for what the world is going to need in two months and six months from now.  As of now, we are in a new world – it will never be the same again – it is going to be new and different. 

That being said, I am moving forward selectively with some classes and events being held at The Institute of Awakened Mastery, inviting your intelligent and wise participation.  The reason I am making this choice available is because we as initiates know how to make a difference in our own lives which can immediately affect others.  10 times, 100 times, 1000 times.  

Never has there been a more important time for each of us to make a wise choice about our mental and emotional attitudes.  And equally, never has there been a more important time for each of us to make the best choice about whether or not we are going to gather in a select group outside of our homes for the right purpose – this must be an individual choice based on you as an individual and your individual responsibilities.  

What I do know is that if you attend Max Meditation or The Kabbalah Reunion, for example, we will be focused on not only your health and well-being, but also in taking the energy that we co-create when we are together and sending that joy into our neighborhoods and city that so desperately need it right now.  Not only can we refuel and build our own energy exponentially by refueling together, but we can share that energy intentionally as a group with thousands of people in need.  

These are my thoughts and my desires: Stay healthy, stay safe, make the right choices for you, and stay tuned with me.  Short of a cancellation of the posted events due to more unforeseen circumstances, I invite you to consider joining us if this feels productive and wise to you.  

If you ANY have symptoms, DO NOT come to my center. For the sake of everybody, be smart. If you are coughing or sneezing, DO NOT come to classes or private sessions until your symptoms are completely GONE. GONE = you have not had a fever for at least 72 hours and you are not coughing or sneezing at all.

I will continue to teach in person and see clients in person. If you register for a class and have symptoms, you can ask for a refund or transfer to the next class offered. 

 Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation