The Tree of Joy

Evening Conversations with the Kabbalah

The Tree of Joy is a 5-week evening class exploring Kabbalah, what it is and what it has to say about having more joy in your life.

I like to think of the Universal Kabbalah as a vast metaphysical system of thought and action, with action being the key word. The Tree of Life is a glyph or map that represents the system of Kabbalah.  One of the most amazing qualities of this system is that it is evolving and always pertinent to current society.

In fact, it has been said that our DNA is encoded within the Tree of Life, which would make this the ultimate system for humans!

More About The Tree of Joy

I have been working with and teaching the Universal Kabbalah for 15 years. There are many things that I love about Kabbalah. Here are just a few:

  • Right up front it says there is more than one way home to God – or to reach enlightenment, illumination, ascension – however you chose to refer to this
  • It shows us how we are blocking/stopping our own progression and co-facilitates our empowerment, so we can adjust and change to achieve the results we desire
  • It helps us to achieve clarity and integrate our heart and mind – heart intelligence
  • It sheds light on what our life purpose is and helps us create the avenue(s) to fulfill our destiny

There is so much more and that is why I am starting a weekly evening conversation with and about Kabbalah open to everyone, regardless of your experience with Kabbalah.

Class Overview

The date and topics in this 5-week class series are:

Tuesday, March 27 – The Tree of Joy in Malkuth
How to have Joy, Peace & Fulfillment within your physical life

Tuesday, April 3 – The Tree of Joy in Yesod
How to have Joy, Peace & Fulfillment within your Foundation

Tuesday, April 10 – The Tree of Joy in Hod
How to have Joy, Peace & Fulfillment within your Mind

Tuesday, April 17 – The Tree of Joy in Netzach
How to have Joy, Peace & Fulfillment within your Intuition

Tuesday, April 24 – The Tree of Joy in Tiphareth
How to have Joy, Peace & Fulfillment within your Heart

We will join to share, expand, and achieve the knowledge,
understanding, wisdom, and pure JOY of Kabbalah.

Everyone is welcome.
Advance registration is required, I hope you will join us!

Class Length & Investment

5  3-hour classes

$125 full paid by March 20, 2018
$30 per class when paid the previous Friday
$40 per class when paid at the door

Call or Email for Package Options and Early Registration Discounts

(206) 715 – 7222