Elvin Magick Tools

Eenhance your Elvin Magick rituals and connection with these amazing beings.

The Elves are masters of designing and constructing tools, weapons, clothing and other fine arts. They work in many mediums including metal, wood, leather, and stone. Their workmanship is highly serviceable while at the same time uniquely beautiful.

In Part 2 of the Elvin & Faerie Magick Class, you will spend the day making Elvin tools that will enhance your connection and work with the Elvin race.

Benefits of Elvin Magick Tools

Deepen your connection with the Elves!

  • As you craft each tool you will feel the Elvin energy guiding your hands.
  • Create tools for a special altar to assist you in your connection and ritual work with the Elves.
  • The altar, tools and rituals strengthen your connection with the Elvin race and bring their clarity and wisdom to your life.

If you have an interest in continuing your understanding of Elves and Faeries, we invite you to join us for this very special tool-making class. The Modern Mystery School is facilitating the return of sacred communion with magickal beings and the other races to bring them back into our existence.


Elvin & Faerie Magick Class

8 hour class  |  $315

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Class Overview

Items supplied in the class: (unless you have a favorite skin, piece of smooth wood, and smooth rock that you want to use)

  • Skin
  • Wood
  • Rock
  • Other basic items for you to use including some leather pieces and crystals, glue, scissors, thin wire, etc.

Items you need to bring:

  • Wood for either a staff or a wand – I only have a couple of staff sized pieces, and no wand size pieces of wood. It is much better if you find or discover these for yourself, and important that as you harvest them, even if you pick them up in a park or on the beach, that you do so with intent and respect. I recommend leaving a gift of tobacco indicating your gratitude.
  • Some of your own leather, crystals, feathers, and other articles that you have collected which are sacred and holy to you
  • Not required, but recommended – a plain chalice (either metal or glass) without any pentagrams, etc. on it. If you bring one, we will enhance it to serve as the water element for your Elvin altar.
  • Contact Verla before class regarding the items you are bringing.

Class Length & Investment

8 hour class | $265

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