Elvin & Faerie Magick

Experience the Magick, Love and Wisdom of the Elves and Faeries

In this program you will meet the Elves as well as the Fairies and they will share their magick, love and wisdom with you.

The Elves are a race known for their high intelligence, good humor, craftsmanship, and remarkable healing abilities, in addition to their deep relationship with the woods and mountains. They serve as the primary architects in the New Paradigm for creating a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the earth.

The fairies are a beautiful race of beings who live their lives based on unity, love, bliss, creativity, fun and connection with the beauty and music of nature contained within the Earth and Sky.

Benefits of Elvin & Faerie Magick

Learn more about these magickal beings!

  • Elves teach us how to use the mind as a tool of light before the sword is wielded.
  • In working with the faeries, your heart will open and you will learn many secrets about your own unique relationship with the earth and your own special connection to the magickal wonders of the world.

If you have an interest in Elves and Faeries, we invite you to join us for this very special class. The Modern Mystery School is facilitating the return of sacred communion with magickal beings and the other races to bring them back into our existence.

Class Overview

In this class you will:

  • Discover why you might want the Elves and Faeries in your life
  • Learn how to speak their language
  • Be taught their magickal practices and how to honor these beings
  • Learn how to cultivate a relationship of mutual trust and respect with these incredible allies

Key methods and color manual included.

It is recommended to receive the Life Activation Session before this class, but it is not required.

Class Length & Investment

8 hour class | $315

Call or Email for Package Options and Early Registration Discounts

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