Isis Healing – Part 2

A Deep Energy Transmission from Isis and Archangel Ramiel

This healing comes from the Family of Ra. Under the direction of Isis, it harnesses the all-embracing strength of the most powerful angel of them all – Ramiel – whose name means “Compassion of God”!

It addresses two levels of energy: Healing Energy & Correctional Energy. A new vibration is created within your physical body that will give you more passion and noticeably more vitality!

This next step, the Isis Healing Part 2 should be received 3-4 weeks following the Isis Healing Part 1, to allow for integration time.

Benefits of the Isis Healing – Part 2

Experience Profound Energies from the Family of Ra

  • Old emotional wounds are healed.
  • “Synchronicity” in your body and soul is created as old vibrations are re-directed toward a new vibration.
  • As a result a new vibrational pattern is created in your soul that enhances your positive thought patterns by holding the mind regions more firm.
  • Your 3rd Eye is opened and expanded.
  • Increased clarity about love energy.
  • Greater ability to draw a lover to you, since your mind is more clear.
  • Create more abundance in your life.

Session Overview

  • This holy healing ceremony begins with the client being placed into a high energy etheric container.
  • The Archangel Ramiel is evoked to bring in the ultimate light of the Universe and direct it to 12 points on the physical body.
  • The client affirms and is prepared to receive the highest light from the Universe.
  • The energy here is noticeably galactic and deeply peaceful and healing.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Isis Healing – Part 1

2 hour session | $250

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Recommended Isis Healing Series Package:

Isis Healing Part 1 and Part 2 | $450

Depending on your needs and individual path of spiritual development there are several possible next steps.
Contact Verla to discuss your individual progression.

Session Length & Investment

2 hours | $250

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