Excellence vs. Perfection

As many of you know who are following my monthly newsletters, I am teaching the 10-month Universal Kabbalah Ascension Class.  One of the challenges that I find many spiritual seekers have who are working on themselves and their lives is that of perfectionism.  Focusing on perfection will nearly always result in failure, because to be human is to be not perfect!  Not ever!  We are not designed to be perfect!  In fact, striving constantly for perfectionism often leads to the experience of overwhelm and even discouragement, and many people find themselves reluctant to start new projects because they know the end result will not be ‘perfect’.

If perfectionism is something you deal with, I urge you to replace it with working to attain excellence, and set your own bar of achievement, based on where you are in each area of your life.   In other words, compare your progression with yourself, not with anyone else.

Here are some attitude adjustments you can make to assist you to move from the need to be perfect into achieving excellence:

Excellence                                        vs.                                   Perfectionism

Willing to be wrong                                                                  Having to be Right

Accepting / Faith                                                                      Resisting

Trusting & believing in the positive                                          Skeptical

Being inclusive (including others)                                             Being self-focused

Consistent & diligent                                                                Serious

Being in the flow                                                                       Hard work

Commitment to your dream                                                     Commitment to someone
else’s dream for you

Disclosure with discernment                                                    Withholding

Spontaneous                                                                            Controlled

Owning 100%                                                                          Settling for less than 100%

Confident                                                                                  Doubting

Enjoying the process                                                               Concerned only with the
end result

One of my favorite mentors and teachers, Ipsissimus David Lanyon, Modern Mystery School, recently made this statement in a conversation we were having: Excellence cannot happen in your life without Commitment.  Commitment is the foundation for everything. 

If you have been committed to perfection, I invite you to change that commitment to excellence, and enjoy the new fruits in your life.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

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