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The Nature of Light and Reclaiming our Crown

I have been contemplating the nature of Light and its role in our lives.  Of course, we want a good amount of sunny days – especially here in the Pacific Northwest.  But I am talking about the Source of Light.  In the Mystery School we call it the EnSof and it is described as everything […]

Hello January

Welcoming in the New Year – A Time for Rebirth and Renewal When I was young, the image of the past year leaving was Father Time, old now and hopefully wise, bringing with him a lively, smiling Newborn, representing the New Year and all it can offer us. I feel its important to remember that […]

Hello December

The Truth Sets You Free – Maat & Her Feather of Truth As we move into December, I am working with the Goddess Maat in preparation for the January 12, 2018 Egyptian Ceremony and Meditation.  What an amazing Goddess.  My understanding of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses is that they each had a lifetime here in the […]

Hello November

My Journey With Gratitude Hello to all my Friends, This November appears to be ushering in the end of a perfect Northwest Fall – foggy mornings, followed by beautiful sunny warm days, more rain, colorful leaves everywhere, and even some snowflakes. The late fall season is traditionally a time of completing the harvesting and gathering […]

Hello October

Self-Worth, Empowerment and Serving Others Hi There, I find myself being drawn into conversations more frequently with friends and associates about situations where they have provided a service for someone and experience not being paid and even criticized. This is one of the hardest things I had to learn when I opened my doors for […]

Hello September

Hi There, September is ushering in hurricanes in Texas and now Florida, perhaps affecting the SE seaboard, (with the ensuing flooding), as well as forest fires on the west coast, Montana and Idaho; resulting in the loss of property, homes, and lives. When you think about it, hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. are all natural planetary […]

Hello August

Hi There, We have not published The Living Light Foundation Newsletter since February.  Much has transpired in my life and there are so many things I could say about that, but I wonder what, if any of it, is really relevant or important.  As some of you know, quality of life is very important to […]

Time To Take A Leap Forward!

Time To Take A Leap Forward! We are starting this New Year with a very powerful planetary alignment.  January 7 thru February 6  marks a rare astrological event – all the major planets will be moving forward (direct) at the same time.  The ancients saw this as a most opportune time and a time of […]